A socioeconomic analysis of Brie's psycho-cultural origins.

Full Credits

This song and all other tracks from album "The Singer-Songwriter Song" available on iTunes and CDBaby.com.
Copyright 2011 Petrichor Music. All rights reserved.
Directed by Greg Bennett.
Written and Produced by Greg Bennett and Anneliese Euler.
Song written by Brie Feingold-Africa.
Costumes: Carey Bennett.
Maid: Sarayu Rao.
Classmate: Nikki Muller.
Principal: Jonathan Schmock.
Street Guys: Miles Taber, Joey Greer, Joe Smith.
Special Thanks: Kresta Lins, Jim Vallely, Maggie Rowe, Andersen Gabrych, Vern Long, Deborah Mason, Gleason Bauer, Doug Lowry.
Audio track produced by Todd Horton.
Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Brie Feingold-Africa.
Organ: Todd Horton.