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(sensual music)
- Oh, hello. We didn't see you there.
But we do see you've been working out real hard.
So have I.
So why don't you and I grab some protein-packed
Jack Link's jerky,
and get to cooling down...
With Sasquatch
♫ Your body is tightening
♫ Straining for some sweet relief
♫ Your muscles need recovering
♫ Protein from a piece of meat
♫ Jack Link's has got the back
♫ And biceps, triceps, glutes and lats
♫ After working out your booty,
♫ Chill out with a Sasquatch foodie
♫ Cooling down with Sasquatch
♫ In a woodsy sauna
♫ Cooling down with Sasquatch
♫ Repairing micro-traumas
That's muscle tears, girl.
♫ Cooling down with Sasquatch
♫ He's really real
♫ Cooling down with Sasquatch
♫ His middle name's Neal
Sasquatch Neal Herriman
Sing it Saquatch.
- (growls)
- Oh, he said time for some muscle revenge.
- (growls)
- He said how much can your mouth bench?
♫ I know what you're thinking
♫ How can I prevent injuries
♫ Oh oh, just recover with me
♫ And Sasquatch, damn you are hairy
♫ Conveniently stowed in a snack pack
♫ Teriyaki, peppered, and original
♫ Just open it up and cry
♫ Protein make you strong, son
Sasquatch let's go, vocal run
- (growls)
- (vocalizing)
- (growls)
(overlapping growls and vocalizations)
- (vocalizing) Ooh yeah
Step up, to cool down.
(discordant notes)
(smells microphone)