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Kelly Hudson as Cupid
Zack Poitras as God
Written & Directed by Zack Poitras
Editor: Avi Kaye
Post Producer: Alex Parks

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February 12, 2017


Zack Poitras: Hello and welcome to Good God with God.
Zack Poitras: I am God and today's episode is
brought to you by the sycamore tree.
Zack Poitras: It's a tree that is in America and you know,
it's got bark that falls off,
Zack Poitras: and butchers use it for blocks,
people make instruments out of it.
Zack Poitras: The sycamore tree.
I made it, I love it, check it out.
Zack Poitras: Okay, well today we have
a very special guest.
Zack Poitras: He's a little cherub of a god type of guy
and shoots arrows at people to make them--
- That's right.
- Yep. It's Cupid.
- Hello Cupid.
- Cupid!
- Hey Cupid! How are you?
- I'm doing good, God.
Zack Poitras: So Cupid, so you go around
and you're a little baby who flies,
Zack Poitras: and then you shoot people
with the arrows to fall in love.
Zack Poitras: What do you care
about love I guess?
Kelly Hudson: I think that love is the
most important thing
Kelly Hudson: and ever since I can remember
I just wanted two people to fall in love,
- and of course eventually have sex.
- You think about sex when you shoot them?
Kelly Hudson: Oh yes.
I imagine the two of them having sex,
- and then I force it to happen.
- Cupid--
Kelly Hudson: I say, I would like to see those two people have
sex and I shoot them in the rear end.
Zack Poitras: Jeez.
How do you decide who goes with who?
Kelly Hudson: I picture what their genitals look like
Kelly Hudson: and I think about what it would be like
if the dentals came in contact with each other.
- You think about the generals first?
- Yeah.
Kelly Hudson: And for some men who are gay
I think about a butthole and then the penis.
Zack Poitras: Well, it's good that you
shoot all sorts of couples.
- Yeah.
- Have you ever like, shot three people
Zack Poitras: so they would have a
threesome or something like that?
- Of course I have.
- Man.
Zack Poitras: It just feels a little weird to me to
drug people via arrow into a threesome.
- It's a part of nature. I view myself--
- Definitely not.
- That's definitely not a part of nature.
- I feel like I'm a part of nature.
Kelly Hudson: Cupid is a part of nature.
I'm just like a little bird or... Yeah.
Zack Poitras: No. No. Birds don't affect
how two people are to the point
- where they were having sex.
- I just think sex is beautiful
- and love is beautiful.
- It is beautiful.
Zack Poitras: It sounds a little more
like you're horny.
Kelly Hudson: I don't think my balls ever drop,
so I don't know--
- So you can't...
- Yeah, so, I can't get an erection.
Zack Poitras: I mean, so you being a Roman god,
are you just pretty much a human body,
Zack Poitras: or are you just following those rules?
You're just kinda--
But you're stuck as a little baby.
Kelly Hudson: I describe by testicles as a
little empty feather, so.
- I didn't ask you to describe it.
- Ah well, I just thought I would.
Kelly Hudson: A little empty feather bag.
Nothing in there. No balls.
- Okay. I get it. You're a little baby.
- Yeah, just little baby.
Kelly Hudson: I can fit in your panty drawer,
but I am flesh and blood.
- I just started bleeding the other day, in fact.
- What?
- My gums are a little bit inflamed.
- Oh God, you're right.
- Are you chewing right now?
- Yeah. I'm dipping skull.
Zack Poitras: Oh, my... I wanted to bring up
that disgusting cup that you brought.
Zack Poitras: It looks like an ancient chalice.
Zack Poitras: Have you been carrying that around
and spitting in it for hundreds of years now?
Kelly Hudson: Well, yeah.
This little spit cup is my baby blanket--
Zack Poitras: I'm just gonna throw it out there,
I think you should shower,
- because you're covered in dirt. You got--
- Okay, okay.
Kelly Hudson: You have like a little sink
so I can take like a little babies bath?
- Like bird baths?
- Yes. I'll splash a little water in my mouth--
Zack Poitras: In your mouth?
You got bleeding gums, and you're putting
bird bath water in your mouth.
Kelly Hudson: Well, I think it tastes good.
It's refreshing.
Zack Poitras: Jeez Louise.
Zack Poitras: When you shoot people
with the arrows,
Zack Poitras: do you ever clean them
before you shoot the arrows off?
Zack Poitras: Because, I mean,
those arrows look disgusting.
Kelly Hudson: I don't clean them,
but I don't think it's been a problem.
- That's all the time we have on Good God.
- Thank you for having me.
Zack Poitras: Thank you Cupid
for being on the show.
Zack Poitras: Is there any last parting words
that you would like to say?
Kelly Hudson: Thank you for creating sex,
because I like to watch it.
Zack Poitras: Today's episode has been
brought to you by the sycamore tree.
Zack Poitras: It provides a lot of shade, its kind of tall,
it could get really big, it's green.
Zack Poitras: You know, hey,
give one a hug next time you see it.
Zack Poitras: The sycamore tree.
I made it, I love it, check it out.
Zack Poitras: This has been Good God.
God out!