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Full Credits

Pam Murphy
Marcos Gonzalez
Director/Writer - Gilli Nissim
Producer - Sean Dacanay
Production Coordinator - Matt Myers
DP - Matt Sweeney
Gaffer - Jenn Cohen
Grip - David Gilmore
Art - Heather Drouillard
H&MU - Tania Hahm
Sound - Ben Forman
PA - Marcos Gonsalez


FEMALE: Monsanto,
the most trusted name
in genetically modified foods,
invites you to come
home to meet our Mama.
[accented] Ah, bonjourno.
Welcome to my authentic
genetically modified organism kitchen.
It's a-me, Mamma Monsanto!
This is where I feed America.
Oh, excuse me Giuseppe.
He's inserting DNA
of a fish into a tomato.
A fish DNA
makes a tomato so juicy.
In the Mamma Monsanto's kitchen
we make all of your favorite recipes.
First, we make a the pesticides,
then we make the seeds
that can withstand the pesticides.
Oh, there isn't a pie that
Mamma Monsanto doesn't have
her finger in.
Ah, needs something spicy.
DDT, Bovine Growth Hormone,
Herbicides, Artificial Sweetener,
Agent Orange...
Ah yes!
Here it is.
This should do the trick,
a little Agent Orange.
I make it myself.
Oh, I'm not gonna eat it.
I make it for you!
I make it for the whole world.
Aww, look at poor Giuseppe.
He's worried that
other companies compete with
Mama Monsanto.
Don't you worry bambino,
Mamma Monsanto make a monopoly.
I own everything!
How do you know it
came from your momma?
Just look for the label.
It may not say GMO,
but trust me, it's in there.
FEMALE: Mamma Monsanto,
a family owned multinational
food industry corporation.