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October 25, 2016


♪ ♪
Ben Affleck: [with an accent]
Hello there.
Ben Affleck: My name is Benny
"The Sweet One" O'Callaghan,
Ben Affleck: but you might know me by my--
my Hollywood name, Ben Affleck.
Ben Affleck: I'm from Boston, and Boston is
in New England which means that
Ben Affleck: New Hampshire is just like my
kid brother. You know what I mean?
Ben Affleck: I love New Hampshire.
Have you ever been to
New Hampshire?
Ben Affleck: It's [bleep] beautiful, guy.
Ben Affleck: You can hike
Mount Monadnock.
Ben Affleck: You can go for a drive
with your buddies, and just
get romantic and watch
Ben Affleck: the fall leaves
change color.
Ben Affleck: You can go to town
halls and debates,
and get political,
Ben Affleck: and you can register to
vote in your Presidential election.
Ben Affleck: I've been loving on New Hampshire since
I was just like a little baby Pats fan.
Ben Affleck: I took my first steps in
New Hampshire, figuratively.
Ben Affleck: I was [indistinct word]
of course, you know.
Ben Affleck: So if you give a shit
about women's rights,
Ben Affleck: if you care about keeping
the environment safe before future
generations ever hear of this,
Ben Affleck: if you care about people
getting to piss in the fucking
bathroom of their choice,
Ben Affleck: then guess who's got
your back in this election?
Ben Affleck: That's right. My basically home
state New Hampshire.
Ben Affleck: Honestly, normally, I'd say the great
people in New Hampshire are too good
Ben Affleck: for this fuckin' election.
Ben Affleck: New Hampsharians are so nice,
they don't even yell at you in their car,
Ben Affleck: at least not north
of Manchester.
Ben Affleck: And seeing how this is
election is a bigger disaster than
the New York Knicks [giggles]
Ben Affleck: the people from New Hampshire
are going to have to register and vote.
Ben Affleck: Otherwise this whole damn
nation is going to be cursed.
Ben Affleck: Whoa-whoa.
I don't... talk about curses.
Ben Affleck: Don't put the word
curse in the teleprompter.
Ben Affleck: Take that [bleep] out.
That's not funny.
Ben Affleck: This is supposed
to be funny.
Ben Affleck: There's jokes, and
then there's curses.
Ben Affleck: Register to vote
New Hampshire.
Ben Affleck: All of New England
is counting on you.
Ben Affleck: So go to this website
that's situated somewhere
around my balls right now
Ben Affleck: and find your
polling place.