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A very special, very crowded Closet Singer, squeeze in if you're Irish. Story:... more »
Published March 09, 2009 1.4k views More Info ยป
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Original Song - "If You're Irish Come Into The Parlor" written by Shaun Glenville & Frank Miller (1920).
Cartoon footage - "Leprechaun's Gold."
Tom Kiesche - Closet Singer (TomKiesche.com).
Marian Tomas Griffin - Guitar/Vocals (MarianTomasGriffin.com).
Michael G - Harmonica/Vocals.
Eric C. Johnson - Accordion/Vocals.
Mrs. Welk - Accordion/Vocals.
Kate Mines - Tambourine/Vocals (KateMines.com).
Kevin Chown - Trumpet/Vocals.
Rona Nix - German Girl/Camera/Vocals.
Steve Bloem - Dutch Guy/Camera/Vocals.
Karen Austin - Special Thanks.
Producing, camera, direction, editing - Big Quiche Productions. (BigQuiche.com)
copyright 2009 Big Quiche Creative.
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