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Full Credits

Mixed by : DJ Christina Jacquelyn Calph
(In Order of Appearance)
Beats : DJ Alex Alben
Track: Does it real good
Artist: J.Rosario
Track: Make it twerk
Artist: Young Flo Featuring J.Rosario
Track: Bold & Arrogant Live Freestyle
Artist: Money, PunchlineJ, Geo, Frost
Track: Do you want it
Artist: J.Rosario Ft. Superstar Bona
Track: Sugar Killer Remix
Artist: Katie DiCicco www.katiedicicco.com
A "Gioconda Pictures" Production :
Directed, Produced & Edited by Christina Jacquelyn Calph
(In Alphabetical Order)
Rosie : Laura Aguinaga
Toni : Christina Jacquelyn Calph
Shannon : Jordanna James
Stalker : Omar Janakat
Janae : Kristen Seavey
Megan : Sybelle Silverphoenix
Ashley : Azriel Wallace
Guy on Skateboard : Guy on Skateboard :)
Director : Christina Jacquelyn Calph
Writer: Christina Jacquelyn Calph
Writer: Robert Calph
Executive Producer : Christina Jacquelyn Calph
Executive Producer : Ben Pollack
Producer: Eddie Fernandez of Eternal Eye Entertainment
Producer : Sybelle Silverphoenix of Eternal Eye Entertainment
Producer : Kevin Soe
Producer : Robert & Rosalia Calph
Director of Photography : Eddie Fernandez of Eternal Eye Entertainment
Editor : Christina Jacquelyn Calph
Shot with a Canon 5D camera and edited on Sony Vegas 10.