Boston College students ask Will questions.
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Boston College audience.
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Published February 20, 2008

[Music Playing]

Andrea Savage: You're on the Jazzy because you're famous?

Will Ferrell: I, I'm in a position in my life where, when I don't wanna walk, I can just get on my Jazzy, and, uh, it's a great way to get around.

Andrea Savage: For sure, yeah.

Will Ferrell: I can store snacks in my basket. And, it's actually the safest way to get around, because if I'm ever in a dark alley, and come upon an attacker, Boom! Slam it into reverse.

[Audience Laughing]

Will Ferrell: This is the way I play with my kids in the backyard. Um...

Andrea Savage: Ah! It seems a little lazy.

Will Ferrell: This is how I conduct my life.

Andrea Savage: Okay.

Will Ferrell: Along with wearing a bikini tee shirt with a, with a navel ring.

Andrea Savage: Uh huh.

Will Ferrell: Um, so, that's just me. This is just me with my hair down.

College Student: I was wondering if you can, uh, pop a wheelie on that? For us?

Will Ferrell: Uh, you know what? Absolutely I can. Hold on.

College Student: Are you sure?

Andrea Savage: Are you sure you can do this?

Will Ferrell: Yeah.

Andrea Savage: All right.

Will Ferrell: I can. I just gotta get enough speed.

Andrea Savage: Oh, Jesus.

Announcer: Not, not too fast.

Andrea Savage: Yeah. Be, be careful, Will.

Will Ferrell: Hold on.

Andrea Savage: Oh, Jesus.

Will Ferrell: Christ, this thing's fast.

Andrea Savage: I'm getting stressed.

[Slow Motion Voices]

College Student: I'm sure all the girls want to know: boxers or briefs?

Will Ferrell: I don't know what tonight is. Tonight is, uh, tonight are some, uh, is actually a Brazilian thong.

College Student: I've got a two part question, is that cool?

Will Ferrell: It's okay.

Andrea Savage: Wow, two parts.

College Student: Um, part one, uh, what are you doing after the show?

Will Ferrell: Um...

Andrea Savage: Is that a sexual come-on?

Announcer: That's sweet, that's sweet.

Andrea Savage: I think that was a sexual come-on.

Will Ferrell: I think I'm hooking up with you.

College Student: Part two, uh...

Will Ferrell: Okay. Part two. Yeah.

College Student: You just nailed part two. Part two was 'wanna hang out?'

Will Ferrell: Uh, I'm thinkin' it's a date, Dan.

Will Ferrell: Just do me a favor, shave your body, and just have a hundred dollars in cash on you. Okay?

Andrea Savage: A hundred dollars? You're going cheaper than you used to!

Will Ferrell: And, and, and then we're good to go. I only deal in cash.

Announcer: You're off the grid.

College Student: Uh, my question is, if you're such a big movie star, what are you gonna do for your boy Will over there to get an Arrested Development movie?

Announcer: Uh, wow.

Announcer: What are you prepared to do, Will?

Will Ferrell: I am prepared to, uh...

Announcer: Just, be careful, choose your words carefully 'cause there are a lot of witnesses here.

Will Ferrell: I'm prepared to completely finance the film.

Announcer: Done! Say no more!

Andrea Savage: It's a done...

Announcer: It's a done deal!

Andrea Savage: Now it's done! Yes!

Will Ferrell: And by film, I mean completely shot in Mexico.

Announcer: What?

Will Ferrell: And dubbed in Spanish.

Announcer: No, that's not right.

Andrea Savage: One last question?

Will Ferrell: In all honesty, it's in the works, right?

Announcer: We are talking about it.

Will Ferrell: There's talking about it, so...

[Audience Cheering]

Announcer: Don't tell anybody.

College Student: Uh, Barack or Hilary?

Andrea Savage: Oh!

Announcer: Ooh, politics.

Andrea Savage: Boston College getting political!

Will Ferrell: You know what? I've always been a huge Michael Dukakis guy, and uh, I think he's coming back. I'm putting all my...

Andrea Savage: Dukakis oh eight!

Will Ferrell: Dukakis in oh eight!

Andrea Savage: Dukakis in oh eight!


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