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Just another deathly boring conference call... 2007-2008 Sans Pants Productions LLC.... more »
Published October 15, 2007 670 views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Andy: Mike Api |
Dave: David Storch |
Geoff: Christopher Vespoli |
Leo: John Rebecchi |
Phil: Evan Menak |
Concept & Written by: Sans Pants |
Directed by: Mike Api, Evan Menak & John Rebecchi |
Director of Photography: Jeff Billings |
Blood Wrangler: Pj Germain |
Production Sound Mixer: Erik Pekkala |
Boom Operator: Sean Moran |
Editor & Graphics: Mike Api |
Color Correction by: Jeff Billings |
Special Thanks: John Rebecchi Sr.
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