Jesus and the Apostles fight over the check at The Last Supper and end up stiffing the wrong waitress.

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Starring: Mindy Sterling, Josh Dean, Michael Naughton, Brian Gallivan, Melvin Rodriguez
Featuring Patrick Breen, Brian Weiss, Luke Barnett, Michael James Nelson, Chris McEuen, Peter Moses, Derek Johnson, David Bittick, Jesse Kline, John Quinn
Directed by P.J. Byrne
Produced by Christin Trogan
Director of Photography: Luca del Puppo
Edited by Brett Bachman
Written by P.J. Byrne & Josh Dean
Additional writing by Adam Lustick & Billy Scafuri
Production Coordinator & First AD: Greg Kindra
Assistant Camera: Ray Lee
Gaffer: Matthew Nauser
Key Grip: Aleks Abad
Best Boy Electric: Eric Tolzmann
Production Design: Brandi Kalish & Laura Harper
Makeup Artist: Carla Farra
Hair Stylist: Timon Neiditch
Wardrobe: Megan Klimkos
Sound Mixers: Ryan Kaiser & Kennard Morris
Production Assistant: Ross Buran

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April 05, 2012


♪ ♪
Josh Dean: I am stuffed.
Josh Dean: What a meal!
Josh Dean: What a meal, guys!
Top 5 easily.
Josh Dean: If that had to be
my last dinner,
Josh Dean: I tell you what,
it's in contention.
Josh Dean: That's all I'm
going to say.
Josh Dean: Hey, um, Peg, can
we get the a... this?
Josh Dean: Thank you.
Josh Dean: She's been great.
Josh Dean: It's just such a
magical night.
Josh Dean: It was a wonderful...
everybody was on their A game.
Josh Dean: You guys are
my A-men.
[Multiple Voices]: A-men!
Josh Dean: Hey, I like that.
Judas, write that down.
Mel Rodriguez: Me? Really?
Josh Dean: Actually, second thought,
John you have better handwriting.
Josh Dean: Would you take
care of it?
On it!
Josh Dean: You're the best.
Mindy Sterling: Alright here you go, JC.
Josh Dean: Thank you.
Mel Rodriguez: Really?
Josh Dean: I'm just gonna...
Oh, wow.
Josh Dean: Judy, baby, what's
the problem?
Mel Rodriguez: Look, I don't want to
make a big deal out of it,
Mel Rodriguez: it's just you never really
ask me to do anything.
Josh Dean: Ah, Judas.
Josh Dean: Did I not just ask you to wash
everybody's feet 2 hours ago?
Mel Rodriguez: Yeah. Yeah.
Mel Rodriguez: You commanded me to wash
the feet of 12 grown men. Yeah.
-Do you want to do it again?
-I know, he's good at it.
Mel Rodriguez: Naw, I don't want
to do it again.
Josh Dean: Um, Peg, just a quick thing,
this is all on one thing.
Josh Dean: You couldn't split
this up for us?
Mindy Sterling: No. You didn't ask
for separate checks.
Josh Dean: Yeah, but Peg, every time
we're here we do, have a...
Josh Dean: You know? Okay, I have to
say something. I'm sorry.
Josh Dean: You know, I don't mean
to be a jerk, it's just...
Josh Dean: every time you charge us
for 13 glasses of wine,
Josh Dean: and you know, we only order water,
and I kind of do the rest.
Mindy Sterling: Jesus Christ. Come on.
I run a business here.
Mindy Sterling: Teressa Ramirez, she wanted
to have her quinceañera here, and I said,
Mindy Sterling: Oh no-no-no, no, JC is coming.
Let me give him the room, because
Mindy Sterling: my son Judas
is your friend.
-Thank you mom. I really appreciate--
-Quiet Judas.
Josh Dean: It's okay. You know what?
I'll pay a corkage fee.
Josh Dean: Alright? Okay?
Josh Dean: It's just that now there's a bread
charge I would like to discuss.
Mindy Sterling: Oh please - what, there's five,
silver pieces there.
Josh Dean: That's not what matters.
The point is we never ordered bread.
Josh Dean: You may have seen us eating
bread Peg, but that's my body.
Josh Dean: I'm not going to
pay for my body.
Can you stop
calling it that?
Josh Dean: I know you guys see me doing
the speech from the mountains stuff,
Josh Dean: but it's not like
I get a speaking fee.
Josh Dean: I can't make
it rain money,
Josh Dean: or rain, rain, actually.
Josh Dean: I can do a couple of miracles
here and there, but it really
Josh Dean: depletes my stamina.
Josh Dean: I also can't juggle.
I'm just not as good with--
JC, paparazzi.
Josh Dean: Wow.
Josh Dean: No paintings.
No paintings.
[Paparazzi]: We know about you
and Mary Magdalene.
Join the club.
Josh Dean: There like a plague
of locusts these guys.
Josh Dean: So, I appreciate it.
Josh Dean: So, we'll just split
this 13 ways.
[multiple sighs]
I really think an even 10
disciples would really help
-a lot in these situations.
-I'm thinking of cutting
some people.
Josh Dean: Who had the curds
and whey?
Josh Dean: Judas, don't act like you
didn't have curds and whey.
Mindy Sterling: You big fat monster,
eating curds and whey.
Josh Dean: So, you spilled curds and
whey into your mouth?
[Female Voice: ♪ Fatty Judas ♪]
Josh Dean: Guys, you know what?
I really had a great time,
Josh Dean: I'm just going to put it
on my dad's card.
[multiple voices of appreciation]
Josh Dean: But Peg, this is the last
supper I am ever eating here.
Mindy Sterling: You bet it is.
Josh Dean: You know, on 2nd thought,
this is just for emergencies,
Josh Dean: streets running with
blood, etcetera, um...
Josh Dean: if Judas doesn't mind, I could
make the bill disappear.
Josh Dean: Yeah? Yeah?
Alright! Check it out!
♪ Gimme that old time religion ♪
♪ Gimme that old time religion ♪
♪ Gimme that old time religion ♪
♪ It's good enough for me ♪