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Full Credits

Written by and starring
Adira Amram, Ann Carr, Katina Corrao, Sara Schaefer & Becky Yamamoto. Directed & Edited by Sara Schaefer, shot by Andy Stuckey. Sherry Bearclaw: Adira Amram / Hilda: Ann Carr /
Linda: Sara Schaefer /
Chastity: Katina Corrao /
Feral woman: Becky Yamamoto /
Voiceover: Tony Carnevale /
Bare-chested man: Bram Muller /
Hippy guy: Dan Allen /
Scientist: Jon Friedman /
Hermit: Matt McCarthy /
Mobster: Billy Wood /
Willow: John F. O'Donnell /
Boyscout Leader: Andy Stuckey /
Polygamist wife: Brandy Barber /
Additional shooting by Chris Genoa and Sara Schaefer.
Special thanks to Stuckey & Murray (
What That Noise Productions. / / / /