Twilight is told in the first person, so your made to believe Bella is a reliable... more »

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The Twilight Series is written in the first person, so you're meant to assume Bella is a reliable source. But I've found that it's more fun to pretend there's no magic and she's just really gullible.

Edward: Hey, I'm a Vampire.
Bella: A Vampire? Wow.
Jacob: Come on, Bella.
Edward: Yeah, I'm a child of the night.
Bella: How are you out in the sun?
Edward: Oh well, ah... Sun doesn't hurt vampires. It just makes us... Glisten.
Bella: Oh, I thought you were just sweaty.
Edward: Oh, but the sun, it's making me weak... You wanna make out?
Jacob: Hey, hold it buddy! I was going to ask her out.
Edward: Hardly. Are you even a vampire.
Jacob: Well... Ye-Yeah.
Bella: Then, why aren't you glistening?
Jacob: Vampires don't glisten, they burst into flames.... Fine then, I'm a werewolf instead.
Bella: Wow! A werewolf instead?
Jacob: Yeah. Woof, Woof.
Bella: Ah, here boy. You like it when I scratch your belly.
Edward: Hey, back off!
Guy: No you back off. Bella, Will you go out with me? I'm a sexy zombie. Brains, brains! I like toitles.
Guy: Wait! I'm a chubacobra!
Guy: Bella, I think it's only fair that I reveal to you that I'm... Santa/Spiderman.
Bella: Oh, whomever shall I chose.