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G.I. Joe's ready for a new age of warfare.
Published October 15, 2012 110k views Immortal More Info ยป
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Created/Directed/Edited by Pat Bishop
DP: Mike Manasewitsch
Voiceover: Eric Bauza
Gaffer: Zach Zdziebko
Produced by Anna Wenger & Blake Nabavi

[rock music plays]

G.I. Joe's back, and ready for
a new age of warfare

It's G.I. Joe drone operator


Look, Cobra's hanging out in
rural [unintelligible word]

Feel the adrenaline as G.I. Joe
controls unmanned drone planes

[keyboard press]


We probably got'em

Oh no, [unintelligible name] is tired

Refill his coffee

[sound of liquid pouring]

Comes with an adjustable desk chair
And a special lower back pillow

So G.I. Joe can sit all
day without back pains

Look, Cobra supporters are mourning his death

Get'em Joe

[keyboard press]



G.I. Joe american hero

Killing people with computers
from the safety of America

Comes with a packed lunch, because there's not
really any good places to eat around where G.I. Joe works

G.I. Joe drone operator, and temperature
controlled suburban fortress sold separately

G.I. Joe


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