He's not a cop.

Full Credits

Written By & Starring: Cuban B Sketch Comedy
Andy Harris as Good Cop, Ryan Tweedy as Undercover Cop, Danny Hamm as the Suspect
Executive Produced & Directed by Matt Friedman


Alright if you're not going to talk then I'm going to leave this room. Another guy's going to come in here, but he is not a cop. I repeat, NOT a cop. He's a drug-smuggling gangsta right off the street, just like you.

Why is he coming in here then?

I dunno, maybe he wants to buy drugs some drugs from you or something I dunno, but I know he's not a cop. That's for sure and he's definitely wearing a wire.

You're recording everything in here.

Did I mention that he's not a cop? Because he isn't one.

What's cracka-lackin,' homeboy?

Don't worry, I won't bust a cap inside you G.

I need to buy a kilo of illegal marijuana. I've got a hundred-thousand dollars in this briefcase, unmarked scrilla.

You are a cop and that is Monopoly money.

Monopoly scrilla.

You're wearing a wire!

This is a Bluetooth!

You have a mustache!

Im a porn star!

You are ridiculous.

Oh yea? Did I tell you I have a tattoo?

You are a cop!

I'm not a cop, I'm a drug dealer.

Orange magnolia! Orange magnolia!


Nice job, Terry.


Nobody calls you that.

Everybody calls me that.