Rusty and Vern are a pair of balls on a mission. A mission to save mankind from... more »

Full Credits

Creative team
Writer: John Lightstone
Art Director: Antonio Marcato, Jon Barco
Jr. Art Director: Brittany Weltner
Music: Big Foote Music & Sound
Executive Producer: Paul Seymour
Arranger: Chris Jordão, Sherman Foote
Sound Design: Chris Jordão, Sherman Foote
Writer: Chris Jordão, Sherman Foote, John Lightstone
Singer: John Margolis
Harmonica: Mark Grandfield
Guitar: Chris Jordão
Production: T2 Studios
Creative Director: Travis Schlitter
Puppet Construction: Jeremy Casper
Director of Photography: Andy Romero
Puppeteers: Brandon Duncan, Adam Buritsch, Jon Barco, Antonio Marcato, Jeremy Casper
Motion Design: Brandon Duncan, Adam Buritsch, Sean McKeon
Animation: Brandon Duncan, Adam Buritsch, Sean McKeon, Joseph Sullivan
Illustration: Brandon Duncan, Adam Buritsch
Editor: Nick Stout, Jon Bazata
3D Modeling: Sean McKeon, Joseph Sullivan
3D Tracking: Sean McKeon
Smoke Artist: Nick Balda
Executive Producer: Teri Rogers, Ethan Downing
Assistant Producer: Reid Bangert
Production Assistant: Steven Bartkoski
Grip: Matt Blume