A horror parody of the Katy Perry song "Last Friday Night."

Full Credits

Sung by Crissy Teverini
Directed by Jennifer Gaston Gates
Written by Louis Teverini

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October 11, 2011


Lyrics: There's a teenager who's dead
With an axe stuck in his head
Blood is all over the walls
Bodies lined up in the halls
Someone broke all of their necks
They were killed while having sex
They should not have smoked their pot
Now they're dead and I am no

All my friends last night didn't make it out alive (Ah, shit!)
Now I'm being chased by some psychopathic guy (Mother...) One stormy night
Jason crashed in through the door
Then he chased them up a floor
And the room just filled with gore One stormy night
Freddy killed them in their dreams
You could only hear their screams
Think he's gone or so it seems

One stormy night
Pinhead tore them limb from limb
Chucky slashed them on a whim
Things are lookin' pretty grim

One stormy night
Leprechaun just wants his gold, but it's already been fortold That this stormy night
I'll survive again
That this stormy night
I'll survive again

Gonna try and run away
Live to see another day
Where are the keys to the car
No I won't get very far
Jigsaw's hiding in the back
Mike won't cut me any slack
Freddy's waiting in my sleep
He just wants my soul to keep

Ashley read from the Necronomicon, we're doomed (ah, hell!)
Knew this place was cursed,
Should've left when danger loomed (I told 'em!)

One stormy night
Trees are scratching at my blouse
Poltergeists are in the house
They want you to kill your spouse

One stormy night
Zombies risin' in the yards
Tallman's with his dwarven guards
Wolfman's got himself some nards One stormy night
Hide from Ghostface in the school
Don't let Gremlins in the pool
There's no Dana only Zuul One stormy night
That is it I've had enough
Now this shit is gonna stop 'Cause this stormy night
I'll survive again
But this stormy night
I'll survive again
But this stormy night

One stormy night
Gonna recite bible quotes
Shove some garlic down their throats
Pennywise is gonna float One stormy night
Killer Klowns are gonna die
Kick the Critters to the sky
Leatherface's time is nigh

One stormy night
Go and cut off my right hand
Put a chainsaw where I planned
Gonna make my final stand

One stormy night
No one else would stand a chance
I have got one thing they don't 'Cause this stormy night
I am a virgin