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Full Credits

Day 22 – Felicity Huffman
Principal Talent: Felicity Huffman
Executive Producer: June Guterman
Executive Producer: Betsy Beale
Producer: Ali Maldonado
Production Entity: Looking Glass Films
Director: Chad Einbinder
Writer: Johanna Stein & Chad Einbinder
Director of Photography: Jason Lehel
Head of Production: Conn Reilly
Sound Recordist: Brad Craig
Teleprompter: AcuPrompt
Editorial: Lost Planet
Editor: Bruce Herrman
After Effects Artist: Steve Kaplan
Online: Elephant Post
Online Artist: Chris Homel
Executive Producers: Jack Healey, Jeremy Woodrum, Dan Adler, Prudence Fenton, John Solomon
Special Thanks: Jessica Kolstad, Richard Marin, Robin Siegel, The Camera House, Luka Lighting, Omega | Cinema Props, Area 101 Studios (Hollywood)