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If you like Glee, High School Musical, Justin Bieber, and Abortion this musical's for you!
Published January 20, 2011 740 views More Info ยป
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Lauren Ferebee: "Vanessa"
Courtney Fenwick: "Gabourey"
Lauren Parsons: "Mandy"
Rory Schwartz: "Mr. Romanski"
Jeanette Bonner: "Sarah Palin"
Heather Bunch: "Justin Bieber"
Jesse Neil: "Chase"
Joel Haberli: "Doctor"
Rajiv Sinha: "Sperm #2"
Brad Foreman: "Special Needs Kid"
Amanda Ladd: "ATM Cast"
Stephen Todt: "ATM Cast"
Anton Spivack "ATM Cast"
Noel B. Austin: "ATM Cast"
Fred Masson: "ATM Cast"
Leo Goodman: "ATM Cast"
Jacob Troy: "ATM Cast"
V/O by: Derek Brantley
Produced by: NWP Sketch Comedy Show
Director: Aaron Kheifets
Writers: Derek Brantley, Brian Hissong
Director Of Photography: Kato Tomoyuki
Editor: Matthew Pollock
Musical Director: Paul Wyatt
Photography: Akinyele Steven
Artistic Director: Pam Maz
Stylist: Karoline Hood
Line Producer: Lisa Green
Assistant Director: Tina Quach
Assistant Camera: Summer Danizen
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Published January 20, 2011
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