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Full Credits

Written by Langan Kingsley
Starring Carrie McCrossen
Directed & Edited by Matt Mayer
Producer: Rob Hatch-Miller
Director Of Photography: Paul Yee
Additional Cast: Nate Dern, Matt Mayer, Edgar Eguia, Chris Colicchio, Kyle Merker, Herby William
Gaffer: Hal Carlton-Ford
AC: Christine NG
Key Grip: Gabriel Pimenta Mendes
Animation: Tom Constantini & Joe Constantini
Hair & Makeup: Stella Sensel
Wardrobe: Ann Bryant
Production Coordinator: Danielle Massie
PAs: Shelby Slauer, Elizabeth Groth


- [ soft ♪ ♪ ]
- Day to day activities were
difficult for me.
My symptoms ranged from fear
of speaking up in group settings
to constant dissatisfaction
with my physical appearance
to an ever present
sense of danger.
So I went to my doctor and
he confirmed what I feared:
I was suffering
from Womanhood.
[female in voiceover]
Womanhood begins in the womb
when two X chromosomes result
in female sexual determination
leading to the release of estrogen,
and the development
of ovaries, a uterus,
and breast.
After my diagnosis
I was inconsolable,
hysterical even,
- but now there's hope.
- [ shimmering ]
A Business Suit and
a Shorthaired Wig.
With A Business Suit and a
Shorthaired Wig there's no more
gritting my teeth as men take
credit for my accomplishments.
No more looking at my body
like it's a pile of fetid garbage.
And no more fearing rape
on my walk home.
With A Business Suit
and a Shorthaired Wig
I can walk through
this world without all of the
burdens of Womanhood.
[female in voiceover]
A Business Suit and a Short-hair Wig
should not be used when
pregnant or nursing,
because that will confuse people.
Side effects may include:
not listening,
thinking bad ideas
are fantastic,
and a
condescending tone.
It is important to understand
that Womanhood is a chronic condition,
and there is no cure.
If after taking off A Business Suit
and a Short-hair Wig
you continue to feel confident
for more than fifteen minutes,
please call your
doctor immediately.
Men should not use
A Business Suit and a Short-hair Wig
as it may result
in war crimes.
A Business Suit and a Short-hair Wig
may not be as affective
for those who suffer from
Womanhood in conjunction with other
chronic conditions like
Homosexuality or being not white.
Thanks to A Business Suit
and a Short-hair Wig
I never have to suffer
for Womanhood again.
That's when I'm not wearing it.