Wings is back and the whole gang will get back together if you donate enough money to their Kickstarter.


(upbeat music)
->All right, all you wingnuts, wingdings,You've been asking for it for years,Apparently, there was a show that existedRight, right right right.As you know, the film originally titled Wings: SerenityBecause Red Bull gives you... Um...But we need a few more dollarsSpecifically 87 million more dollars,Think of it like a 1,000 dollar ticket to the film,Some would say the studios never wanted to finance usRight right right.But we'll let this already shot spec sceneEnjoy.Seven niner!The passengers wanna knowNantucket, two two seven.Huh?We're gonna roll it!
->Are you drunk?Yes!In fact, we're using your money to reshoot it.No, it's not just your imagination.Mister Scarpacci, this isn't the big adventureWe are going to trim us nose down!Nose down?We are going to roll it!But this is a cab!Well, you Scarpacciosos can only imagineTop donators will receive the following incentivesSo put away your tray tables and return your seat backsBecause we're ready to make this dream fly.Hey Tim, can I grab that Red Bull?Here you go.It should be a big adventure.Where's Lowell?