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Starring Marcia Gay Harden, Charley Steiner, Jack Morris, Rebecca Mader & Sam Page
Also Featuring: Martin Dew, Marshall Givens, Mike Still, Jon Gabrus, Bill Kottkamp, Byran Safi & Darryl Gudmundson
Director - Danny Jelenik
Writer - Brandon Scott Jones
Producer - Jason Carden
DP – Brian Lane
Gaffer - Kevin Stewart
B Cam - Nate Cornett
AC - Ray Lee
Grip - Adam Lee
Wardrobe - Anastasia Magoutas
Hair/MU - Jen Olson
Hair/MU - Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Sound - JP Robelot for BoTown Sound
Art - Candy Lopez
PA - Matt Sweeney
Special Thanks – John Blundell, Joe Jarek, Chad Gunderson and the LA Dodgers
Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of MLB Advanced Media, L.P. All rights reserved.


Sam Page: Hey, here's
a question,
Sam Page: who's excited about
the playoffs?
Sam Page: Answer, everyone.
Rebecca Mader: Wouldn't it be exciting if
we got an announcer from
Rebecca Mader: another sport in
with you guys.
Sam Page: Like a guest star for
the post season,
Sam Page: like on Law and Order: SVU.
Rebecca Mader: It's always extra special when
Marcia Gay Harden is guest staring.
Sam Page: Ooh, love Marcia Gay.
Sam Page: So, you guys let some
broadcasters from outside of MLB
Sam Page: sit in with you for a try
out, and let us know who you
Sam Page: want to add for a little
Rock-tober baseball.
Jack Morris: I suppose we could
give it a try.
♪ [music] ♪
Martin Dew: And here is Mr. Martinez ready
to receive the offering
Martin Dew: from Mr. [inaudible].
Jack Morris: Martinez is having a great
year at the plate this year.
Martin Dew: He strikes the ball,
and it's a groundy.
Martin Dew: Oh, my word.
Martin Dew: And in only the 2nd minute the
game has certainly come alive.
Mike Still: And they're off...
[he's speaking fast like an auctioneer]
Bill Kottkamp: Ah, that was a fast
run, huh dude.
Bill Kottkamp: Whoa, that was
like a 1260.
Bill Kottkamp: I haven't seen
that before.
Byran Safi: And he drives it.
Byran Safi: Oh, that's a
beautiful shot.
Marshall Givens: Looks like we got little
Dusty Pedroia up to bat.
Marshall Givens: His favorite band,
Marshall Givens: Beyoncé.
Charley Steiner: I to am a big
Beyoncé fan.
Byran Safi: Really nice. Oh,
and it's in the rough.
Byran Safi: Well, that's a
tough break.
Byran Safi: I-I'm not to sure if
he's going to be too happy
Byran Safi: about that
placement there.
Jack Morris: Actually, that's
a base hit.
[he's talking fast like an auctioneer]
Darryl Gudmundson: Gooal!
[foreign language spoken]
Charley Steiner: Next.
Jon Gabrus: Oh no, here comes Big
Papi Ortiz out of the dugout
Jon Gabrus: wielding a
baseball bat.
Jon Gabrus: Looks like it's
going to be nasty.
Jon Gabrus: And...
he's just going to stand there?
Jon Gabrus: Well, it's best for
me to head out then.
Jon Gabrus: Plus I gotta go
tanning in an hour.
Sam Page: What do ya think?
Jack Morris: You know, I don't really know
how to say this, but...
Charley Steiner: Not good.
Rebecca Mader: Huh.
Rebecca Mader: Well, that's
disappointing, but
Rebecca Mader: we've got one more that we
would like for you to try out,
Rebecca Mader: and we really think it's
going to change your minds.
Charley Steiner: Charley: It's a beautiful
day for baseball.
Charley Steiner: Hi again, everybody.
Charley Steiner: Charlie Steiner,
Jack Morris, and
Charley Steiner: Marcia Gay Harden.
Marcia Gay Harden: It's a pleasure being
here tonight gentleman.
Marcia Gay Harden: I am really looking
forward to tonight's game,
Marcia Gay Harden: and maybe
even finding out,
Marcia Gay Harden: who murdered
my husband.