Get ready for a tour of this years special 4/20 sanctuary!

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April 20, 2016


What's up guys?
And welcome to
Cribs: Fort Twenty Edition.
My name is Zacky Zekes,
and I've built this place.
No Narcs. That's
what I'm saying.
Stay out.
Look at this. We
have a nice plant.
This is cardboard.
That's cardboard over there.
That's actually not really attached.
That's some colored paper.
I didn't need
this cardboard.
Here we go. We are opening
the door, and we are
entering, because
it's kind of, you know,
illegal in NYC to do
certain things.
We are doing it in
here, in the fort.
That's why we built it.
To keep the smells out.
This is Fort Twenty.
The chillest place on earth
for this beautiful day.
Sleepy K.
Nothing wakes him.
Not after he is high.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Boom! Check this out.
We got all of this.
We got Pisces, Aries,
Gemini, Cancer, Leo.
We got all
the months.
We got a bubble
wrap window.
I kind of feel like I want
to watch TV right now.
How do I do this?
How do do this?
Good bye Penguins.
Watch out lamp.
Are we watching
Star Wars?
And then you gotta
spin life around.
And then you
gotta dip life.
And then you
gotta kiss life.
That's Cribs.