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Ride The Pine talks about the conclusion on Lebron James’ decision to take his... more »
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So “The Decision” was made and Lebron James is taking his talents to the Miami Heat.  “The Reaction” in Cleveland was to burn jerseys and tear down the Lebron James’ Witness poster across from Quicken Loans Arena.  “The Conclusion” is that this is a chicken move by Lebron. Why?  Because by joining forces with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh
in Miami he is admitting that he couldn’t win it on his own.  Good luck
being that Billion Dollar athlete when D-Wade is taking the last shot
for your team.

Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert’s letter lashing out at Lebron was insane.  Gilbert accused Lebron of being everything from unloyal to narcissistic, and not the Lex Luger
type.  I understand that Gilbert was upset losing one of the biggest
athletes in the world and was trying to rally support from his fans. But
then he guaranteed that the Cleveland Cavaliers would win a NBA Championship before Lebron.  That gets a big fat Good One, Dude.

I don’t really care that Spain won the World Cup,
but I did find another reason to hate soccer, third place games. 
What?  So lets take the teams that couldn’t make it to the finals and
have a game to decide who’s the better loser?  What is this a 5th and
th basketball tournament?  Did every team get a ribbon just for showing
up?  Pizza party for everyone!

And here are a couple of things to check out while you are on the pine...

Cliff Lee, who is one of the top pitchers in baseball, was surprisingly traded to the Texas Rangers after being reported dealt to the Yankees.  Could this be shaping up to be the Rangers year?Its
not all bad news for Cavs fans as they are getting 5 future draft picks
for what ended up being the Lebron James’ sign and trade deal to the
Heat.  Was Delonte West’s appearance on the Cavs’ website
immediately after Lebron decided to leave a final FU to Lebron because
of the rumors of  what might have happened between West and Lebron’s Mom.The Home Run Derby is Monday night.  My pick, Florida Marlins’ Shortshop Hanley Rameriz.You can take that to the pine...

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