Paul is introduced to the progressive hiring practices of the Simian Institute on his first day of work.

Full Credits

Jes – Mikey Bracken
Paul – John Jackowski
Ferd – Woody Feehan
Kaja – Kumar Dari
Chris – Deborah Zellers

Stats & Data

September 07, 2010


Kaja Makes A Copy By W. Feehan The halls and Copier room of the Simian Institute. Jess is giving Paul a tour. Jess is holding a folder of some kind. Jess This is Accounts Payable….this is Project Planning…and we also have a copier room on this floor. I’m just going to make a few quick copies. (sees Kaja) Oh, no. Kaja’s in there. Paul Kaja? Jess Kajamimou. (pronounced Kaja-mime-oo) He’s a MiDA. (pronounced my-da) Paul What’s a MiDA? Jess Nothing. What’s a mitta with you? (laughs at his own joke) Heh, heh. I love that one. No really he was hired under the Mimes with Disabilities Act of ’96. Paul The Mimes with Disabilites Act? Jess Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass but we had to hire about 5 of ‘em. It only applied to agencies with the letter T in them but that’s us so... Luckily the other four died. Paul Luckily…..Died? Jess They were real pains in the ass. Let’s see, one suffocated in a box, one contracted laryngitis really, really bad, one was crushed by an invisible anvil or something, I didn’t see it. Paul What about the fourth? Jess (Looks around) We beat his sorry ass to death but you didn’t hear that from me. Ferd There’s no wind Kaja! Kaja- there’s no wind! Kaja I really need to get these copies! Please! I’m begging you! (Kaja fights wind to copier) Ferd Kaja there is no freaking wind! Chris Check this out. Think I’ll go fishing! (casts fishing line Kaja becomes fish Kaja ‘nibbles’ then gets hooked) Ferd Please! Please! Don’t encourage this. I have to make these copies! Please turn him loose! Chris Ok. (releases Kaja) Kaja (gets caught in Xerox machine- ‘screams’- fights machine) Ferd For the love of God! Kaja please! Jess Forget it. I’ll come back tomorrow. Ferd Kaja? Kaja!?