Here's a little known fact: Tom Brady is NOT from Boston. He's also a pretty good quarterback.

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May 27, 2012


Tom Brady: Hey excuse me.
Hey, how are you doing?
Tom Brady: Hey, can you tell me where the
Under Armour Coldblack
Tom Brady: golf gear is?
Tom Brady: Yeah, I just moved out
here, and I haven't
Tom Brady: had a chance to unpack
my golf stuff, so I'm
Tom Brady: kinda looking for some, shirts.
Store Clerk: Wow, are you--
Tom Brady: Tom Brad...
Store Clerk: --from Boston?
Store Clerk: Your accent...
Store Clerk: (accent) Hey, where's
the Under Armour.
Tom Brady: I don't have a Boston
accent. I play football
Tom Brady: in Boston, but--
Store Clerk: I'm sorry man, but
I can't understand a word
Store Clerk: you're saying.
Store Clerk: You're like, "Hey, what
do you mean?"
Store Clerk: "I ain't got no
Boston accent."
Store Clerk: Just say something, and
I'll spitball with you.
Tom Brady: No, I really don't
want to do that.
Store Clerk: (accent) Go Sox!
Store Clerk: (accent) Hey, that's some wicked
hot chowder.
Tom Brady: What?
Store Clerk: I'm doing an impersonation
of you.
Store Clerk: I'm an actor.
Tom Brady: I don't even sound
like that.
Store Clerk: You sound a lot...
You sound like that.
Tom Brady: I sound nothing
like that.
Store Clerk: I beg to differ.
Store Clerk: (accent) You really just got to
try the lobster.
Tom Brady: Is there anyone else
that can help me?
Store Clerk: No.
Store Clerk: (accent) You know, Marky
Mark and the Funky Bunch,
Store Clerk: now that's a good band.
You know a band I love more?
Store Clerk: (accent) Boston.
Tom Brady: I'm actually from
San Mateo, so I don't--
Store Clerk: Oh, San Mateo,
Store Clerk: That's really funny.
Actually there's a
Store Clerk: San Mateo here in
Store Clerk: I got to show people...
Store Clerk: Hey everybody, get a load
of this Boston guy.
Tom Brady: Please don't do that.
Please, quiet.
Store Clerk: Well they should hear you.
Male 1: You.
Tom Brady: Play football.
Male 1: No, fly from Boston.
Tom Brady: No. Why would you
even say that?
Male 2: Man. Yeah, yeah, your
accent is ridiculous.
Male 2: Get a picture of
me and this nut Judia.
Judia: Okay, say
"Bostonian" goofball.
Male 2: Bostonian.
Judia: Hey, are you
Matt Damon?
Tom Brady: No.
Male 2: Oh, I knew it.
Judia: Ooh (giggles).
Tom Brady: Oh my God.
Store Clerk: Hey man, you must get
so hot here all the time right,
Store Clerk: because your
blood's thicker?
Store Clerk: You want me to grab
you some water?
Store Clerk: (accent) Water?
Tom Brady: No.
Store Clerk: How about some
baked beans?
Tom Brady: No. You know why?
Because I'm not from Boston.
Tom Brady: I'm from California!
Tom Brady: I'm a native
Tom Brady: I went to Michigan, and
now I play for New England.
Tom Brady: I'm the (bleep)
quarterback you moron.
Tom Brady: (sigh)
Store Clerk: You know, you look a
lot like that standee.
Store Clerk: Yeah, it's uncanny.
- Tom: Him?
- Store Clerk: Yeah.
Store Clerk: Well, you don't need
go knocking it over like that.
Tom Brady: I am the guy on the standee.
Store Clerk: (accent) I am the guy on
the friggin' standee.
Judia: Uh!
Oh my...
Judia: Matt Damon, shame
on you!
Judia: He lost his wife
in those Bourne movies,
Judia: but I don't feel bad
for him at all.
Store Clerk: I'm going to go kick
that guys butt.
Judia: Well, you look like
a reader.
Judia: Maybe you need
some help.
Male 2: Go help him honey.
Store Clerk: You can't treat
people like that.
Judia: Yeah. I take a
Zumba class.
Judia: I can dance
kick him.