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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring James Van Der Beek
Written and Directed by Lauren Palmigiano
Produced by Christin Trogan & Betsy Koch
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
Edited by Danny Jelinek
First AD: Greg Kindra
First AC: Ray Lee
Sound: Steve Pawell & BoTown Sound
Grip and Electric: Kevin Stewart, Ricky Fosheim, Tom Pena, Brett Lopez, Ryan Ovadia, & Garrett Shannon
Production Design: Alexi Gomez & Caity Birmingham
Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer
Makeup: Sara Irving
Production Assistants: Elliot Dickerhoof, Elizabeth Lanteri, Andrew Furtado, Sean O'Reilly, & Sam Varela
Executive Producer: Mike Farah

James Van Der Beek: Hi. I’m actor James Van Der Beek. If you’re under the age of 20, odds are good that you know me best from a five-second clip of me crying that’s circulating the internet.
James Van Der Beek: Yep, that’s me in Dawson’s Creek in a scene with Katie Holmes character dumps mine. You know, the more I saw in websitecomment sections, mocking the sadness of others, the more I realized what the internet was really demanding: more intense emotional close-ups of my face. So, I started a website where you can find short clips of me emoting dozens of other feelings at The original clip is still there, of course, but digitally restored and remastered. But what if you’re not sad? What if you just watched an adorable cat video and you’re giddy to share it?
James Van Der Beek: Post my new happy clip in the comment window to show everyone just how happy you are.
James Van Der Beek: Sometimes you need a good eye roll to go with the latest Lindsey Lohan story.
James Van Der Beek: Things getting uncomfortable on your friend’s blog? No better way to say awkward than with this clip.
James Van Der Beek: We’ve got dozen of intense clips fitting for any internet post. There’s mild sadness, super sad sobbing, 10 year anniversary crying edition, sheer panic, nostalgia, double take, eager beaver, dramatic Dawson, the o-face, that’s for you ladies, and many, many more. Log on to today and show the world what kind of vander-feeling you’re having.