A novelty dance song for those who are heartbroken, bankrupt (morally and... more »

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Rachael Parenta, Calvin Cato, Justin Murray

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April 28, 2010


I met my baby doing the twist The Night was magical I recall mist We then danced the locomotion His dance moves were like a love potion Our love grew and grew as the years went by But then we Split with the electic slide I greated a new dance to get my baby back Come on everyone learn my new dance! Pick up your hands and bring them to your head Curl your fingers make fists like lead Through a left followed by a right Like Capoiera we'll dance this fight. Grab your dancing shoes the ones with lace Punch a banker in the face. You can do the Dance anywhere you please Paying all of your over draft fees We'll get food stamps be big and strong So we can do the dance all night long They stole all our money we have no case. Punch a banker in the face. Swing your hips to the beat come play Simple you don't need an MBA Or a crazy calculous function Just soul and a whole lot of gumption Look at you boy you're a dancin' ace Punch a banker in the face All you need is hands and back beat Have fun even with two left feet. Hit'em hard choke em till they're blue Make'em cry with recession blues pour a drink with a cynaide lace Punch a banker in the face. Claps break Come on baby let's get back together We'll strike the fed with a whip of leather Pull the side burns of hedge fund And ride off into the rent free sun Come on Main Street dance my dance Show Wall Street your fighting stance Come on baby and punch a banker with me. In the face of course!. E7 A