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Starring Will Ferrell


(piano music)
Will: Hi. I'm Will Ferrell comedian,
actor, and founder of Facebook.
I will do anything to get you to
go out and vote on November 6th.
I'm not kidding. Hungry. How
about a home cooked meal?
Hope you like angel hair pasta.
You need a guy to help you move a couch?
Done. I even got my own van.
Do you agree to vote
in this years election?
I will personally give you tattoo. Fair
warning, I do not know how to draw.
I'll do a dance just for you.
(upbeat music)
That was just a taste. If you want the
full buffet, you're going have to vote.
If you vote, I'll eat
anything you tell me to.
Garbage, hair, human toenails,
underpants, whatever,
I'll do it. I'm serious. I'll
do anything to get you to vote.
I'll punk myself in
the face. I don't care.
Whatever it takes. Just go to the
polls on November 6th and vote.
Vote Obama. It's a slam dunk.
Guess what? I made you
this. It's an owl. Hoo, hoo.