The first commercial for the new white iPhone 4.

Full Credits

Commercial Crew: Brian Lane, Brad Schulz, Dave Ferguson, Nick Corirossi, Charles Ingram, Juliet Seniff, Scott Gairdner, Ryan Perez.
Apple Voice Over: Danny Jelenik
Directed and Edited by Brad Schulz and Brian Lane.
Produced by P. Thomas Shoenfeld and the gang.

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May 09, 2011


Danny Jelenik: (Voiceover) Introducing
the new white iPhone 4.
Danny Jelenik: (Voiceover) It's...
Crew: Ah shit.
Dropped it.
Crew: Goddamit.
Crew: I think it fell on it's back
on this white floor.
Crew: Is it not right
Crew: I can't see
Crew: Ah, let's cut--
Crew: I'm sorry.
Crew: --We
lost the phone.
Crew: It fell
face down.
Crew: Here, I'll call it.
Hold on.
[cell phone ringing]
Crew: Yeah,
I hear it.
Crew: We really
shouldn't have shot a white
Crew: phone on a white
Crew: I think I hear it to the
left over there.
Crew: To the left.
To this way.
Crew: To my left.
[interposing voices]
Crew: You hear it?
Crew: No, but I don't hear very
well in general.
Crew: I'm going to get on a ladder.
Crew: Is that it?
Crew: I still can't see it from
up here. I can't see a thing.
Crew: I found a Dixie Plate.
Crew: Why couldn't they have
made an off-white iPhone?
Crew: Oh hey, I think I found it.
Crew: You got the phone?
Crew: No, my contact lense.
Crew: Oh.
Crew: Thanks everybody
for helping.
[crew member coughs]
Crew: Dammit.
Crew: Damn, I still can't
see shit down here.
[crunching sound]
Crew: Ooh.
Crew: Shit.
Crew: Goddamit.