Are you ready to get punched in the face with fitness? Then step into the fires of the Ab Lab, with the Absmith and prepare to be Abdominated.

Gimme a "SPRING."

Gimme a "ROLL."

What's that spell?



Make sure no Idahoan Senators are close by, and then take a wide stance underneath a squat rack or pull-up bar.

Jump upwards, grabbing the bar, and then perform a pull-up at the same time as you do a knee-raise / crunch.

Drop back down to the floor and re-load.


And then go lay down and cry yourself to sleep.

And ask yourself, why you decided to do this exercise.

If your answer is, because I'm not a gym douchebag, I'm a gym puma, then you can feel free to get up confidently and perform this exercise again.

Also handy for those wishing to be male cheerleaders.