The third episode of Faith Soloway's Secrets: RACHEL'S ROOMMATE, REKINDLING... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Rachel: Sarah Wanger, Rachel's Roommate: Lauren Dushay, Rachel's Grandma: Marilyn Harris, Rachel's Mom: Deana Tolliver, Rachel's Sister: Madaline Tolliver, Rachel's Brother: Jackson Tolliver, Rachel's Dad: Brian Agosta, Barb: Karen "Mal" Malme, Tish: Megan Summers, Philip: Sebastian Stuart, Raquan: Collin Knight, The Homies: Kevin Smith, Ayodeji Marquis, Julian Higgins
and Seth Bodie as the lips.
music composted by Faith Soloway, photographed and edited by Ian Brownell
© 2011 Smell My Productions
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