Two of the worst people ever run into each other in pilates class.

Full Credits

Starring - Eliza Coupe, Lauryn Kahn, Joleigh Fiore
Background - Ariel Fisher, Colleen Stevenson, Katie Chilson
Written By - Lauryn Kahn
Directed/Produced By - Alex Richanbach
DP - Jonathan Nicholas
Hair/Makeup - Emily Rae
Sound - Bo Sundberg
Gaffer - Nathan Carballo
Camera Operator - Mike Brown
Key Grip - Mike Manasewitsch
PAs - Ross Buran, Becca Scheuer
Editor - Collin Pittier


Male Voice: (whispers) Exclusive.
Lauryn Kahn: Um, coincidence city,
population 2. How crazy is that?
Eliza Coupe: No, way!
Lauryn Kahn: Way!
Eliza Coupe: No, way!
Lauryn Kahn: Uh, b-way!
Lauryn and Eliza: My God.
Lauryn Kahn: We're both here
Eliza Coupe: So fun.
Lauryn Kahn: My God, so fun.
Eliza Coupe: So fun.
Lauryn Kahn: I'm saying this as a
friend, you're looking
Lauryn Kahn: a little tired. Like your
face needs a little quench.
Eliza Coupe: Oh my God. No.
No, I'm good.
Lauryn Kahn: You sure? It's so good.
Eliza Coupe: I'm actually really
over coconut water.
Eliza Coupe: That's really like Summer
2012. I'm more onto like Autumn 2012,
Eliza Coupe: and I'm really into this guy.
Lauryn Kahn: Kombucha.
Eliza Coupe: I love it, because
its all about the
Eliza Coupe: enzymes and the
Eliza Coupe: I would literally overdose
on probiotics.
Lauryn Kahn: That's like a narrow
minded way to be.
Lauryn Kahn: That's kind of like
walking around with blinders
Lauryn Kahn: on, like you're a horse.
Like you are a...
[she neighs]
Joleigh Fiore: Hey ladies.
Eliza Coupe: I don't think so.
Lauryn Kahn: If you were an animal,
you probably would be a horse.
Joleigh Fiore: We're going to get
started in a little bit,
Joleigh Fiore: if you want to start
Eliza Coupe: Hey girl.
You look amazing.
Joleigh Fiore: You've been here
Eliza Coupe: Uh, yeah.
Joleigh Fiore: So you know the
Eliza Coupe: Yeah, I know the
machine really.
Eliza Coupe: I feel like we're
in a long term relationship.
Joleigh Fiore: Do you know how to maneuver
it, and use the handles
Joleigh Fiore: and all that stuff?
I need to make sure, because
Joleigh Fiore: you can hurt yourself,
and I don't want that to happen.
Eliza Coupe: That's so sweet.
I don't need any tips.
Joleigh Fiore: Alright, we'll start
in a little bit.
Eliza Coupe: Okay.
Lauryn Kahn: Get out of
here girl.
Joleigh Fiore: God, I want to
wear you.
Lauryn Kahn: She's amazing.
Eliza Coupe: She's so great.
Lauryn Kahn: Totes random,
do you know what your carbon
Lauryn Kahn: footprint is, because
I literally have no
Lauryn Kahn: carbon footprint.
It's like me and mother goddess
Lauryn Kahn: earth are one or something.
Like, when I die
Lauryn Kahn: it's going to be almost
like I didn't exist.
Lauryn Kahn: I was like the earth's
best friend.
Eliza Coupe: It's almost like,
already nobody knows
Eliza Coupe: that you exist.
You know, like not a lot
Eliza Coupe: of people know you exist.
So it's kind of of perfect.
Lauryn Kahn: It's probably better
that not a lot of people
Lauryn Kahn: know you existed rather
than everybody knowing you
Lauryn Kahn: existed, and by everyone
I mean mostly men,
Lauryn Kahn: and then by existed,
I mean like...
Eliza Coupe: Ha ha ha. Speaking of
which, I was hanging
Eliza Coupe: out with Lululemon yesterday,
that's why
Eliza Coupe: I'm so decked out in her
clothes, because I hang
Eliza Coupe: out with her all
the time.
Lauryn Kahn: Those are [inaudible].
Lauryn Kahn: I thought it was
spray paint.
Eliza Coupe: No-no-no.
I'm her fit model.
Lauryn Kahn: I could've sworn
the company was owned by a man,
Lauryn Kahn: and there is no
Eliza Coupe: Oh my God, I would
love to see you say that
Eliza Coupe: to her, because she would
fucking kill you.
Lauryn Kahn: Oh would she?
Eliza Coupe: Mmm-hmm.
Lauryn Kahn: Okay. Yeah.
Eliza Coupe: You are so great.
I'm going to stretch though.
[interposing voices]
Lauryn Kahn: Yeah, I was going to
get my stretch on as well,
Lauryn Kahn: more than you.
Eliza Coupe: I'm just probably do the...
Eliza Coupe: (mimics) stretch your back out...
I'm going to
Eliza Coupe: do the spinal tap
Lauryn Kahn: Less of this,
more the doing.
Eliza Coupe: Yeah, let's just
do it.
Eliza Coupe: I gotta get the right
angle. Do you know what I mean?
Eliza Coupe: Like a lot of people
don't do the right angle.
Lauryn Kahn: That's the right one?
Eliza Coupe: This is what you do.
Lauryn Kahn: Oh shit.
Lauryn Kahn: Are you okay?
Eliza Coupe: Yeah, I'm good.
I stretch differently.
Eliza Coupe: I stretch differently.
Lauryn Kahn: Okay. Are you...
Oh, shit...okay, you're like bleeding.
Lauryn Kahn: You're like bleeding.
Lauryn Kahn: Are you sure
you're okay?
Eliza Coupe: I was going to donate
blood today anyway.
Lauryn Kahn: You seem like super
woozy though to me.
Eliza Coupe: No. I'm good.
Lauryn Kahn: Are you sure?
Lauryn Kahn: Why don't you just
really get some of that in your mouth?
Eliza Coupe: No. No.
Lauryn Kahn: I told you
it's good.
Eliza Coupe: Fuck you, and your
coconut, cunt water.
Eliza Coupe: Tranny.
Lauryn Kahn: Okay. I'm assuming
that is from blood lost,
Lauryn Kahn: that you would
be such a...
Eliza Coupe: I'm so kidding.
Lauryn Kahn: ...such a psycho cunt.
So that is just a joke?
Eliza Coupe: So kidding.
Eliza Coupe: You know what?
I'm just going to lay down.
Eliza Coupe: I think it's the best
thing to do.
Lauryn Kahn: Actually, if you have a
conc...well, yes.
Lauryn Kahn: Sleep that concussion off.
Eliza Coupe: You know what?
I'm just going to quickly
Eliza Coupe: rest my head,
just really quick.
Lauryn Kahn: Yes, rest your head.
Nice and easy.
Eliza Coupe: Just going to
lay it down.
Joleigh Fiore: Hey girls.
You ready?
Lauryn Kahn: Hi!
Lauryn Kahn: So ready. Yeah!
Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. Love it.
Lauryn Kahn: Love it.
She's fine.
Lauryn Kahn: She's not going for help.
She's about to go to sleep.
Joleigh Fiore: Okay, this is bad.
Lauryn Kahn: Let's just start.
Lauryn Kahn: Oh, now you got her...okay.
Lauryn Kahn: Go to sleep, Eliza.
Lauryn Kahn: (whispers) Forever.
Lauryn Kahn: Yay.
Eliza Coupe: Eliza: Yeah, pilates,
Eliza Coupe: without your voice
in my fucking ear.