Donald Faison and his band, "Rich Digga", steal some martian grass.

Full Credits

Starring: Donald Faison, Deon Richmond, Olamide Faison, Ed Fordham
Dealer played by: Colton Dunn
Aliens played by: Lil Jon, Elton Laren Holt, Deonte Gordon, Jo D. Jones
Bikini Aliens played by: Clare Grant and Kristen Ortiz
Also Starring: Kevin Jordan, Donte Chang, Shadii, Dade
Track Produced by: Dade Faison and Olamide Faison
Track Mixed by Sean "Sully" Sullivan
Produced by: Mike Farah and Donald Faison
Directed by: Jonnie Ross
Shot by: Christian Sprenger, Dustin Bowser, Neil Mahoney, Jonnie Ross
Edited by: Neil Mahoney, Dustin Bowser
Sound by: Bo Sundberg
Make-up by: Shauna OToole and Diane Herlofsky
Special FX by: Dustin Bowser
Production Design by: Alexi Gomez
Additional Editing and Special Effects by: Brian May and Chris Smallfield
Special Thanks to Colton Dunn, Glenn Rigberg and Natalie Lent, Graig Weich and Beyond Comics


Man: It's a 420 show.
All we got to do is tell her
it's 420 and get a nigger.
Man 2: I'm down with that.
Man 2: I'm down with that.
Bring your ass here, come on.
Man 3: What the fuck?
What the hell, man?
Man 3: Settle down, man.
Settle down, conference call.
Man: Okay, conference call.
Man 3: Check it out. I
jacked some aliens, right?
I took their weed. I took their guns
and now they sending their
big brother after me.
Man 4: Man, I can't believe
you stole that shit.
Man 3: You opened up the Stargate, man!
Man 2: Whoa, wait.
You mean aliens like Mexicans?
Man 3: Like Mexicans? No, mother fucker!
Aliens, man! Outer space mother fuckers!
Klingons, mother fucker! Alpha century.
Man 2: Aw, man. That's bullshit.
(space music)
♫ (rapping) ♫ They vaporized the door ♫
Man: (rapping) ♫ Falling to the floor ♫
♫ She tossed us the roll ♫
♫ Tossed us the guns
then gave us the door ♫
♫ With his very last breath he said ♫
♫ Protect the world ♫
♫ Go where no man has gone before ♫
♫ This is the reason why Mars Attack ♫
♫ You stole my weed and
now I want it back ♫
♫ Where's my weed ♫
Man 3: Out the window.
♫ Now they got us running
through the backyard ♫
♫ Fuck that shit, it ain't
no time to act hard ♫
♫ My desires man ♫
♫ We running from some aliens ♫
♫ Maybe we should stop ♫
♫ What language do we tell them in ♫
♫ Shit I don't know ♫
♫ Well I'm nice with this blaster ♫
♫ Like Han Solo ♫ We shoot 'em ♫
♫ I passed a barrage of blasts ♫
♫ Crossed a back path
Filled with martian grass ♫
♫ Now they got us hoppin' over fences ♫
♫ A grown ass man but
I feel so defenseless ♫
♫ Laser light white disguise ♫
♫ You the one jumped over a dumpster ♫
♫ And let 3 slide ♫
♫ Now there's 4 because
that's 1 more than 3 ♫
♫ And these martian
niggers not getting me ♫
♫ Me neither, we neither ♫
♫ I ain't never seen
glow-in-the-dark either ♫
Men: Whoa!
Cop: Hands in the air, guns on the ground.
Man: Hello, officer.
Cop: Drop your fucking weapon.
(all talking at once)
Cop: Right now you are freezing.
Hands, hands behind
your back. Hands, hands.
Man: Please don't shoot me.
Man 2: See that right there.
Man: We got no problem, man.
Man 2: See that right
there? Man: Everything cool.
(laser fires)
♫ Damn, they vaporized the cop ♫
♫ The little one dude that did it ♫
♫ Reminds me of pop ♫
♫ Still though homie ♫
♫ Let's keep it real little homie ♫
♫ We just wanna smoke ♫
♫ Let's make a deal little homie ♫
♫ Yeah, this has gone way too far ♫
♫ Do you know who we are ♫
♫ We're fucking rap stars ♫
♫ And this weed will make us legit ♫
♫ We'll be the only
dudes smoking this shit ♫
♫ Oh you wanna cop a plea ♫
♫ After you guys done stole from me ♫
♫ Oh now you wanna smoke it with me ♫
♫ First you got to go
around and sell my weed ♫
♫ He laughs ♫ You want it that bad huh ♫
♫ Well you can have it and
you can sell it for us ♫
♫ Word you gotta be dope ♫
♫ Hey yo can you drive us over the show ♫
♫ They was like ♫ Yeah come with us ♫
♫ We walked in their ship ♫
♫ And their ship was fly ♫
♫ Man their ship was the
size of public housing ♫
♫ I think it was rolling on 1000 ♫
♫ Anyway we chillin' on the ship ♫
♫ They passed me a drink
so I took a little sip ♫
♫ I been in the cockpit
ghost riding the wheel ♫
♫ We rocked that lean
and popped that shit ♫
♫ And dropped that shit ♫
♫ Where down the ass ♫
♫ Chillin' with a martian girl on my lap ♫
♫ Yeah and I had a fly one too ♫
♫ His chick was green
and my chick was blue ♫
♫ You got any turquoise bro ♫
♫ Pass the weed ♫
♫ I'm glad we stole that
weed from the aliens ♫
♫ I'm glad we stole that
weed from the aliens ♫
♫ I'm glad we stole that
weed from the aliens ♫
♫ Ever since we did we
made some new friends ♫
♫ (music continues) ♫