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John Lehr, Nancy Hower, Justine Bateman, David DeLuise, Kelli Williams, Anna Belknap, Food & Water Watch


Hi David DeLuise.

 Did you know that Prop 18, the water bond will cost Californians $22 billion dollars over the next 30 years? Spit.

Justine Bateman guess what? Prop 18 backers know it’s unpopular so they’re trying to pull it off the ballot, but then they want to bring the wasteful measure back in 2012! Spit.

Hey Kelly Williams, did you know the same governor and legislative leaders responsible for our state’s budget mess are the main backers of Prop 18? Spit on dog.

Don’t let Prop 18 leave a bad taste in your mouth. Call your legislator to scrap the water bond and start working on real solutions for California’s water. Right Anna Belknap? Aaah.

Join Food and Water Watch in opposing Prop 18. To get involved, go to