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Full Credits

Lou Columbus as Other Party Candidate
Ford Seeuws as Our Party Candidate
Jim Stanek as Seedy Businessman
Anna Kouchek as Supporter/Reporter
Josh and Bryce as Golf Cronies
Written, Directed, Edited by Ford Seeuws
Filmed by Jim Stanek and Lou Columbus

Stats & Data

August 05, 2010


Other Party Candidate said he would do something that Our Party is naive enough to think you care about, but he didn't.

While Other Party Candidate was in office, something bad happened relating to unemployment that probably had nothing to do with him, but we assume you're dumb enough to equate correlation with causation.

Other Party Candidate did something unethical one time, and though Our Party Candidate did the exact same thing, he didn't get caught.

Other Party Candidate is bad for Place.

But Our Party Candidate is good for Place.

Our Party Candidate is less of a fatcat than Other Party Candidate though his annual income has matched that of Other Party Candidate for the last Ten years.

Our Party Candidate is lucky enough to be funded by companies and people who haven't screwed up recently, and once they do, he promises to act like he never knew them.

Our Party Candidate has no idea how to create jobs, but shaking hands with Every Day Guy is probably a good start.

Our Party Candidate:

Desirable Trait

Respectable Trait

Impossible-To-Live-Up-To Trait.