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Alan and Johnny smoke a strain of martial marijuana, giving them Kung Fu powers.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Field of Wheat Productions presents
in association with Made Media
Fermin Aurelio Romero III as Johnny
Sam Kellett as Alan
Gretta Stimson as Kristy Brown
Jana Healy as The Ninja
Patrick Rickard as The Sumo
Kyle Mitchell as Scientist #1
Brett W. Bachman as Scientist #2
Music: Michele Wylen [ ]
Lead Editor: Brett W. Bachman
Assistant Editor: C.R. Saxton
Sound Effects: C.R. Saxton, Kyle Mitchell, Jansen Hillis
Camera: Brad Bicknell, C.R. Saxton, Brett W. Bachman, Jansen Hillis, Patrick Rickard
Cinematography: Jansen Hillis
Screenplay: Sam Kellett
Assistant Writers: C.R. Saxton, Patrick Rickard, Brett W. Bachman
Illustrations: Zoe Kellett
Stills Photography: Alex Grummer [ ]
Produced by Jansen Hillis
Directed by Sam Kellett and C.R. Saxton
Equipment: Panasonic HVX200/HVX200a, Cinemek 35mm Adapter, Lowell Omni's + Pro-light, Sennheiser Shotgun Mic
Special Thanks: Glazers Camera, The Boese Family, The Kellett Family, The Mitchell Family, and The Stimson Family
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Published: September 07, 2010
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