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[SOUND] Svedka.
[SOUND] Voted number one vodka of 2033,
presents the future of reality TV.

> I've always dreamed of doing a
show with dogs of varied backgrounds and
Now, with the invention of the human voice
box for dogs, my dream has come true.
I'm Bow Wow Wow.
And this is The Bitch.


> Hey, it's me Woofie.
Please welcome our guest for today's show
Brian Austin Green.

> Hey everybody, hi thank you.
This is so exciting.

> Hi, Brian good to see you.

> I'm thrilled to be here, dressing room
is beautiful, I
love the sausage treats that you left me,
thank you for those.

> It's amazing to think that it's been
years since you were on Beverly Hills

> You still look great!

> Are you sure you didn't time travel
your younger self here?

> No, current day, this is me.

> You smell great too, what did you have
for breakfast?
Thank you, I did have bacon.

> Yum, yum.
Bacon for breakfast.

> Do you have any dogs in your life?

> No I don't actually I'm more of a cat
[GROAN] They're just so clean.
Not that you guys aren't clean but cats
were my choice.

> Let's get to the sizzle section.
The government is testing voice collars on
other types of animals.

> That freaks me out.
I don't think every animal deserves a
human voice box.

> And what makes an animal deserve it?

> We're man's best friend.
A sheep is not.

> You are an animalist.

> Some of my best friends are sheep!
I'm just saying!

> You would take away voices from people
if you could!
[CROSSTALK] Listen, Bitsy, maybe you are
not smart enough to have a voice collar!


> How dare you!

> Ladies!
Please, we are professionals!

> Woofie.

> This is not constructive.

> We can finish talking about the film,
because really it's exciting.

> You sound like an ignorant [INAUDIBLE].

> Okay.

> Coming up next on The Bitch.
We'll tell you ten things your owner
doesn't want you to know.

For more fun from the future, keep your
retina tuned to Svedka.
Voted number vodka of 2033.