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April 01, 2010


"Whatever You Like"

First DE, the ladies lust,
she desire, my mighty thrust!
Dont like surprises,
so peelt me eyes is.
Prepare for armagetti,
damn I said too much already!
Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh,
fo tree the nina, got they own blast off! Im...
so thru the cover, you so thru the back page,
red hot Latin, made way backstage.
DE the center of ya whole platoon,
dont trip, Ill be there soon.
Bringin darkest of doom into your bedroom,
trick snitch get they sllab feed to um.
Black girls, shimmy!

Whatever You Want,
Whatever You Like.

Snackin on a block of some of that government cheese,
more please. ;)
them sayin I was gone but I never left,
check ya iTunes, check ya shelf!
She follow my life, wanna be my concubine,
nah Im fine.
DE true bussa,
overflowin wit gangsta luster.
Huh, you dont like me,
dont trip, I got the down ass wifie!
Youre unsure, answers a mystery,
thats when they come, look upon deg.
After the years, birved a movement,
lesson learned, stick to it!
I trample, left yo tewt in shamble,
dont know my own strenth in this gansta of ramble.
Chop chop, the deadline, Im in a vice,
world need DE 'spective, advice.
Gangbang saggin, under my canopy,
strapped for unfortunate, that aint standin me.
You sparked my intrest so I peelt yo block,
Crown Vic, Ford queeny queen, so I bark alot1
Namptsd the Grey Goblin,
White girls, shimmy!

Whatever You Want,
Whatever You Like.

Hurry, hurry cant wait,
situlate, join me in my pulpit.
Lifes a game with events thats random,
thats why me and the Dark Side most gangsta of tandum.
Street purist, modified performance,
thats why you bumpin this, rep'tash enormous.
OGDE, got the young curious,
now they understand my stance, know Im serious.
Burna burna, what up, too hot to handle,
hot hot inferno, get yo hood dismantled!
Nah this aint no chance,
it was I who sent the Evite now your fates in my hands.
Watch my gangsta prance,
voice of the unheard.
DE, DE soundin so obserd,
til it all click , then you hang on my words.
Southside, hctib, Sactewt, touch of the Norf,
yo tewt is coo, but yo tewt get dwarf!
The breast I posses, most rime of chest,
ranging from small to voluptuous.
Raps lookin like an Ace Mak maze,
'quipt wif transporters, Im so in your phrase...
Asians, shimmy!

Whatever You Want,
Whatever You Like.


First Degree The DE
"Shlumpulicious The Jester"