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Starring Will Ferrell as Allen Gamble
Featuring Josh Covitt as The Cop
Written by Adam McKay & Lauryn Kahn
Directed by Eric Appel
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
B Camera: Kevin Stewart
C Camera: Brian Lane
Sound: BoTown Sound
Gaffer: Ricky Fosheim
G&E: Jordan Downey
Wardrobe: Leslie Schilling
Production Designers: Tony Swansey & Kevin
Producer: Michelle Fox
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Special Thanks to Matt Labov, Ryan Hadaller & The Other Guys Team

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August 04, 2010


Will Ferrell: Hello out
there. My name is Alan Gamble
Will Ferrell: and I work for the New York
City Police Department.
Will Ferrell: When people think of excitement,
they think of the NYPD.
Will Ferrell: You need proof?
Will Ferrell: Just think of the all the
TV shows and movies
Will Ferrell: based on our men and
women in blue.
Will Ferrell: NYPD Blue.
Will Ferrell: Law and Order.
Will Ferrell: New York Undercover.
Will Ferrell: The Departed.
Will Ferrell: CSI Miami.
Will Ferrell: Come along with me on a
journey, up inside my butt
Will Ferrell: and, believe me, there's a
lot of room. Okay. Wait,
Will Ferrell: seriously, who wrote this?
Policeman: You saw the script.
You approved it.
Will Ferrell: I did. I saw a different
script than that.
Policeman: Alright, look, it's
a joke.
Will Ferrell: Alright, but you changed the
prompter on me and I'm not a
Will Ferrell: professional actor and I
can't make adjustments. Okay?
Policeman: We'll fix it.
Will Ferrell: Being a police officer isn't
always about running in the
Will Ferrell: streets and chasing down
perps. Sometimes it's about
Will Ferrell: helping people and being a
shoulder to cry on.
Will Ferrell: You listen to the citizens, and then you try to
make New York a better city for them.
Will Ferrell: That's the job of a Police Officer.
Will Ferrell: Hey. What? What footage are
you showing?
Will Ferrell: Is this the appropriate
footage for what I just said?
Policeman: It's nothing. It's nothing.
Just keep going.
Will Ferrell: What do you mean,
it's nothing?
Policeman: It's nothing.
It's just you! Just go! Keep going!
Will Ferrell: (stammers) Can I be
honest? I don't feel
Will Ferrell: supported right now.
Policeman: Jesus Christ, Gamble, just
read the fucking teleprompter.
Will Ferrell: Hey don't...hey, watch your mouth.
Policeman: Shut up, Gamble.
Will Ferrell: You shut up!
You shut up!
Will Ferrell: I'm so fucking scared right now!
You shut up!
Will Ferrell: Are you doing this?
No! I'm doing this!
Policeman: Yeah, okay, relax.
Will Ferrell: I'm sorry. Can we just.
You may even get a chance to do
Will Ferrell: work undercover, getting
close to the criminals and
Will Ferrell: putting their penises in your...
Okay, you know what, guys?
Will Ferrell: I can appreciate a prank just
as much as the next guy, but
Will Ferrell: I'm starting to feel really taken advantage of.
Policeman: Come on, Gamble.
Will Ferrell: NYPD is about family,
friendship, and, most
Will Ferrell: importantly, justice. So if
you want to start making a
Will Ferrell: difference, become a police
officer or detective for the
Will Ferrell: NYPD and sign up today!
Will Ferrell: Are we freeze-framing on
Policeman: Yeah, you've got to
hold it.
Will Ferrell: Oh, I thought we discussed
it. I thought we were
Will Ferrell: actually going to do a
Policeman: Yeah, no, this is how
they do it.
Policeman: We've got to get
ten good seconds.
Will Ferrell: It's not an effect?
Policeman: No.
Will Ferrell: Oh.
Policeman: Yeah.
Will Ferrell: Oh.
Policeman: You can't move.
Will Ferrell: Oh.
Will Ferrell: Are we going to add
music to this?
Will Ferrell: Like some Prince.
Something badass, like Prince?
Will Ferrell: Can we just fade it out?
My back. My fucking back.
(he starts to whimper)
Will Ferrell: J-Just freeze it.
(music plays)