Melania Trump demonstrates her seduction technique during a phone call to Senator Ted Cruz.

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Written by Owen Burke
Starring: Gina Gershon
Directed by Matt Mayer & Nate Dern
Produced by Rob Hatch-Miller
Editor: Marty Cramer
Makeup: Raquel Vivve
Hair: Nicole Blais
Wardrobe: Cara Apotheker
Gaffer: Kevin Yankou
Sound: Carina Jollie

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July 25, 2016


Gina Gershon: MELANIA: Hello?
Gina Gershon: Is this Senator Tedward Cruz
from the country of Texas?
Gina Gershon: It is I, Melania Trump,
Gina Gershon: the future first lady of the
United States of America of America.
Gina Gershon: Donald does not know
I am calling you.
Gina Gershon: Not because he cares
that it is you,
Gina Gershon: is because he doesn't
like me to use the telephone.
Gina Gershon: Can I tell you a
political secret Teddy?
Gina Gershon: I've always found
you quite sexy.
Gina Gershon: I know you want to
go to sex war on my body.
Gina Gershon: And you don't want
NATO to interfere
Gina Gershon: when you invade
my Slovenian border.
Gina Gershon: But first, I need your
endorsement for Donald.
Gina Gershon: I want you to stand my
Donald so bad it makes me ache.
Gina Gershon: Now, I know Donald made
that statement that he won't
Gina Gershon: accept your
endorphins now,
Gina Gershon: but you should still
give them to him, no?
Gina Gershon: Ooh, Donald is
at home right now.
Gina Gershon: And he will want his
evening veal chop and hand job.
Gina Gershon: Okay, bye-bye.
Gina Gershon: So sweetheart,
how did I do?
DONALD: You're so perfect.
Gina Gershon: [giggling] Come here and
give me some law and order.