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Full Credits

Annie: Annie Clark
Manager: Jonathan Marballi
Shondella: Langan Kingsley
Grent: Jason Campbell
Posh: Jocelyn DeBoer
Carlotta: Natalie Palamides
Director: Charles Ingram
Writer: Zack Poitras
Producer: Sean Boyle
Producer: Andrew Grissom
Coordinator: Jack Bradley
DP: Nate Cornett
1st AC: Allan DeLeon
Gaffer: Dustin Supencheck
Grip: Joe Jackson
Sound Mixer: Mike Robertson
Production Designer: Kyle Smith
Art Director: Sam Corona
Costume Designer: Emily Batson
Makeup: Brenna Haukedahl
Makeup Assist: Erin Blinn
PA: Ben Parks
PA: Shawn Garcia
PA: Josh Brown
DIT: William Maxwell
Post Producer: Alex Parks
Editor: Hannah Levy
VFX: Shawn James
Graphics: Claudio De Laurentiis

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Jonathan Marballi: [Paul] How's my favorite fake saint?
- Hey Paul. How are you doing?
- Listen, I'm already late for my next thing, okay?
Jonathan Marballi: So, Annie, let me tell you
what I got cookin' in your pot.
Jonathan Marballi: You're shooting a super blue
green algae spot next week.
Jonathan Marballi: Sign here, to approve your new wine:
Housewifin' by St. Vincent.
Jonathan Marballi: What's great is if we lower the alcohol level,
we can relabel it and sell it as perfume.
Jonathan Marballi: Also, I've just been informed,
you are the new ambassador to Recorstorda.
- Where's that?
- Look...
Jonathan Marballi: I don't have time to do
all of the research, okay?
Jonathan Marballi: It's a small island in
Northern Russia but very influential.
Jonathan Marballi: This could be huge for your Spotify numbers.
Everyone wants to be an ambassador.
St. Vincent: Ambassador is like a diplomat,
like a politician?
Jonathan Marballi: Yeah, yeah.
Diplomat, dictator, whatever.
Jonathan Marballi: You'll figure it out.
Just learn all their stuff and don't
embarrass yourself for me...
Jonathan Marballi: [chuckles] Mostly me.
Jonathan Marballi: Here's the address for the embassy.
You gotta meet them later this week.
St. Vincent: Okay. Well, I mean, if they're fans
I don't want to let them down.
- [cell phone vibrates]
- Look, you guys gotta go.
Jonathan Marballi: I got Dennis Rodman headed in here,
and he's on a bit of a tear.
Jonathan Marballi: You got this babe.
Or should I say...
- Mrs. Ambassador.
- I'll do my best.
Jonathan Marballi: So long.

Jocelyn DeBoer: [with an accent] Record...stor-da.
This is what we're going for.
Momey despot chic.
- [accent] Do you have any moldier bread?
- Do you have any moldier bread.
Langan Kingsley: The sounds of words is very important.
Langan Kingsley: Mold-di-er.
Langan Kingsley: Remember when Madonna went British?
Jocelyn DeBoer: National drink,
Fermented Reindeer Spittle.
- Let's do this.
- Yeah.
- [accent] Our chief export is blubber.
- Our chief export is blubber.
Jocelyn DeBoer: She, 16 years old.
Jocelyn DeBoer: For St. Vincent to be a leader,
she needs to learn to move like a leader.
Jocelyn DeBoer: I... I taught Angela Merkel.
Jocelyn DeBoer: Vaginee.
St. Vincent: You have a mirror. You must be rich.
When I once saw this beautiful,
beautiful tiger
running across the Serengeti,
I thought wow...
That would look amazing
on one of my clients.

St. Vincent: To the embassy.

[cell phone vibrating]