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Full Credits

Justin Tyler
Alden Ford
and Matt Knudsen as George Washington
The Webventures of Justin and Alden
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In Association with Horizon Media
Alex Albrecht
Payman Benz
Scott Chernoff
Wilson Cleveland
Felicia Day
Zadi Diaz
Shannen Doherty
Illeana Douglas
Mark Gantt
Tony Janning
Adam Leiphart
David Nett
Sandeep Parikh
Jessica Rose
Doug Sarine
Taryn Southern
Robin Thorsen
Milo Ventimiglia
David Wain
Jesse Warren
Produced by
Wilson Cleveland
Sandeep Parikh
Dominick Rausch
Produced by
Illeana Douglas
Written by
Tony Janning and Sandeep Parikh
Directed by
Sean Becker
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Trident Layers