Somebody really should do something about all those homeless, alcoholic cats.... more »

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I made this.
This song is for all the homeles cats out there
Think about all the homeless cats
shouldn't have scratched the furniture
now they ain't got no place to go
living outside ya'll
and they ain't got nothing to keep them warm
except for their fur and that peice of newspaper
and now they're taking big craps in your yard
that you step in
because they ain't got no litter pans
because they're homeless
and all they got to eat is birds and they're hard to catch
( because they can fly ya'll )
did you ever try to eat a raw bird
they taste like crunchy crap and they got feathers ya'll
so sometimes they got to eat some mice and bugs
( they eat a lot of bugs ya'll )
and that's why they turn to alchohol
to wash the bugs down
and now you got a bunch of drunk cats
all over your yard ya'll
and they're all throwing up bugs and mice guts
yeah that's real gross ya'll
so send lots of money to help the cats
but don't give it to the cats ya'll
they'll just buy more alcohol and hiss at you
cats are mean drunks ya'll
also they don't got no bank accounts
to cash your checks ya'll
so send us the money and we'll spend it responsibly
we won't buy the cats alcohol
so send lots of money but not cat food or toys
because that's kind of dumb ya'll
you don't even know what cat food they like to eat
and cat toys would be stupid ya'll
and this is how we'll help all the homeless cats
send money and we'l buy them clothes ya'll
then they won't be naked cats
naked like a stripper cat in a stripper cat club ya'll
so send lots of money so we can buy them clothes
and cardboard boxes for them to live in
then they'll have their own cardboard box homes
homeless problem solved ya'll
and then it will be a wonderful world to live in