Who doesn't love hot men holding cats and kittens? Oh you don't? Too bad, this one... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Sam Trammel, Romany Malco, Mark Valley, Matt Dallas, Derek Baynum, Alex Weber, Sean Carrigan, Matt Lanter, Tanc Sade, Chad Faust, Mike Williams, Ryan Eggold, Ricky Brown, Zach Abel, Scott Ford and Ryan Rottman
Produced by Christin Trogan, Ally Hord, and Anna Wenger.
Directed by Anna Wenger
Edited by Elliot Dickerhoof
Director of Photography Brian Lane
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Published: June 17, 2011

[opening theme]
Male Speaker 1:
(whispers) Exclusive.
[music playing]
[new music plays]
[kitten meow]
[cat meows]
[cat meows]
[long cat meow]
[music ends]
[kitten meow]

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