The peasantfolk hear some disturbing rumours; Sir Kent tries to allay Princess Cindy’s fears; King Gary calls an all-shire meeting.

Full Credits

PRINCIPAL CAST: Michael Pemberton as King Gary, Letitia Lange as Princess Cindy, Trevor Jones as Sir Kent, Bob McClure as Ian, Mike Still as Magnus, Josephine Rose Roberts as Nora, Joe Thompson as Squire Ben, Thom Woodley as Bobbin, Jeff Skowron as Pippin, Maryll Botula as Ploppy, Matt Yeager as Smokey, Rolls Andre as Roland, David Chase as Drederick. CREATIVE: Based on a screenplay by Thom Woodley and Bob McClure. Written by Thom Woodley, Bob McClure, and Matt Yeager. Directed by Thom Woodley and Johnny North. Producer, Ashlea Hartz. Produced by Thom Woodley, Matt Yeager, and Johnny North. Director of Photography, Johnny North. Camera and Lighting, Clint Higgins. Sound by Joseph Battelli. Edited by James Spruill. Supervising Editor, Matt Yeager. Art Department, Josephine Rose Roberts, Ashlea Hartz, and Matt Yeager. Camera Assistant, Dave Gonzales. Location Manager, David Chase. Costumes by Sandy Straube & Noreen Dunn. Assistant Production Coordinator, Rebecca Pearlman. Special Thanks To Ryan Heiferman, Paul Liatsis, Midsummer Productions, C&C Studios. Shot on location with the Midsummer Renaissance Faire at the Ukranian Homestead, Lehighton, PA and at the New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom, Somerville, NJ. A Dinosaur Diorama Production.

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November 30, 2009