In this cautionary tale, rappers Lil Dicky, Trinidad James, and Mystikal find themselves responsible for customer safety at a liquor store.

Full Credits

Lil Dicky
Trinidad James
Dennis Nolette
Heidi Heaslet
Jackie Sophiea
Lev Cameron
Producer - Ben Sheehan
Producer - Sean Dacanay
Writer/Director - John McKay
Production Coordinator - Ross Buran
1st AD - Taylor Maxwell
2nd AD - Ali Oremus
DP - Matt Sweeney
Key Grip - James Erwin
Gaffer - Jenn Cohen
Swing - Derek Vass
Editor - Kevin Mead
Production Design - Justin Smith
Hair/Makeup - Erin Blinn
Sound - Mike Robertson
PA - John Hume
SPECIAL THANKS TO - Melrose Wine and Spirits


Lil Dicky: Lil Dicky: Dude,
I love gay people.
Lil Dicky: I'd be the first person
to admit if I was gay.
Lil Dicky: I just know that I'm not,
because every time I see that
Lil Dicky: rogue gay porn thumbnail amidst
the heterosexual porn thumbnails,
Lil Dicky: I'll let my mouse hover
over it, and look at every
Lil Dicky: individual gay still
that's offered, and
Lil Dicky: see how I'm physically
effected by it.
Trinidad James: Does it make your
pants swell?
Lil Dicky: No. Nothing ever
Trinidad: You sure?
Lil Dicky: Yeah. No.
Trinidad James: [speaking slowly]
Ah shit.
Trinidad James: My bad.
Lil Dicky: Go get a mop.
Trinidad James: I don't know
where it's at.
Lil Dicky: Alright, well get the Slippery
When Wet yellow sign.
Trinidad James: I'm not going
in there.
Trinidad James: It's piss everywhere
in that bitch.
Lil Dicky: Well,
Lil Dicky: then there's no
other option.
Trinidad James: I'll go get him.
Lil Dicky: Okay.
[choral music plays]
Trinidad James: We got a spill.
Mystikal: Where is it?
Trinidad James: Middle of the store.
Mystikal: Show me.
Trinidad James: Let's go.
Mystikal: Pickles.
Lil Dicky: Yep.
Mystikal: Danger!
Trinidad James: Exactly.
Mystikal: Don't worry.
I'll take care of this.
Mystikal: The people will be safe.
♪ [music] ♪
Mystikal: ♪ Watch yo self ♪
Mystikal: ♪ Watch yo self ♪
[music stops]
Mystikal: ♪ Watch yo self ♪
Lev Cameron: Oh, thanks.
Mystikal: Just doing my job.
What you got there?
Lev Cameron: My math homework.
I can't figure it out.
Mystikal: Show me what
you workin' with.
Mystikal: X equals 11.
Lev Cameron: Wow!
Mystikal: You're welcome.
Trinidad James: Hey,
Trinidad James: I found a clean one.
Lil Dicky: Thank God.
Good work.
Trinidad James: I know right.
Trinidad James: I guess that's it.
Mystikal: Yep.
I guess so.
Lil Dicky: Hey Mystikal,
Lil Dicky: thank you.
Mystikal: Watch,
Mystikal: yo self.