The gang rag to keep any gangster cool in the hot summer heat.

Full Credits

Written: Myrone Sumner
Produced: Myrone Sumner, Wil Gelin, Jeff Dean
Directed: Wil Gelin
Shot: Jeff Dean (Revolutionary Productions)
Edited: Myrone Sumner
Choni Francis- Mad Gangster
Jax Fogg- Getting Braided
Franchesca Agramonte- Hair Braider
Gina Moreno - Ride or Die
Myrone Sumner- 40 sippper/ guy getting jumped
David Thornhill- Crip profile/ driver
Hunter Altman- Crack Head/ bbq
Krystal Arangua - Hoochie Mamma
Justin Howe - One Hour Later
Jeff Howe- Blood profile/ Crip walker
Kerry Michelle Smith- Ho turned housewife
Wil Gelin- Shooter
Manny Nava- Baby Gangster
Kaimani Nava- Baby Gangster
Jaka Profacca- Drug Dealer
John Hinton- Nazi Biker Tweeker
Stripper Booty Clap- Sky Carson
Devil Walkin' - Sky Carson

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