a disgruntled corporate server venting about her foreigner guests

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May 31, 2014


foreigners that sit themselves down
In whichever table, dirty or clean, available found
Instead of putting their names down, or standing in line
They think get it now, get it quick, that table is mine.

They order coke lite, saying lemonade but wanting sprite
It's coke zero sir and I'll get it in a minute
Dude I know I didn't but I have other guests to see,
I know you're grumpy and hungry
But let go of me, seriously

These foreigners always asking to smoke on the patio
excuse me sir, but I'm gonna have to say no
They're hungry and whine that the food is taking awhile
But order their steak well done really? i just smile

listen i'll call you sir and i'll call you ma'am
i'll bring out more chocolate bread as fast as i can.
you better not be grumpy or rude
or else, i'll just do something to your food.

(chorus x2)
what? throwing your hand in my face,
i'll throw it back in your face
again with your hand?
put it down, or i'll throw it to the ground
yea that's right, i'll throw it to the ground

Alright the food is out, oh what?
You wanted the fettuccini?
Excuse me sir, but you ordered the fried zuccinni
Omg, stop mumbling your French or chinese
Just friggin learn English please!

finally dinner is over, dessert time.
oh of course you want the fresh strawberry
i personally prefer the wild blueberry

omg just eat your damn cake
Stop talking and finish your espresso
Don't just sit there for hours and tip zero
I need to turn this table, so friggin get up and go

man I'm done with you,
Get out of my sight
It's not worth the fight,
You give me lip
Don't understand shiii
I gave the best service
And you leave me what? no tip?