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Full Credits

Donald Trump- Owen Burke
Hillary Clinton- Lauren Palmigiano
Marco Rubio- Pat O'Brien
Bernie Sanders & Jeb Bush- Matt Kirsch
Producers- Ross Buran & Brianne Trosie
Writer/Director- Matt Kirsch
Editor- Kegan Swyers
Animation- Shawn James


[music plays]
Matt Kirsch: Poor Kanye.
$53 million in debt.
Matt Kirsch: Well, no rapper is
to big to fail I guess.
Lauren Palmigiano: Why don't you give
him a loan Bernie?
Lauren Palmigiano: It might get you
your first black vote.
Matt Kirsch: Yeah. Your supporters are
so white Bernie that, uh...
Matt Kirsch: Oh...uh...
Matt Kirsch: How did that
go again--
Pat O'Brien: Kanye is shameful.
Pat O'Brien: When I was hundreds of
thousands of dollars in debt,
Pat O'Brien: I didn't go on Twitter
begging for money.
Lauren Palmigiano: No. You gave the Koch
brothers taint massages.
Matt Kirsch: Ha! Yeah Marco.
You're so...
Matt Kirsch: Oh...darn it!
Owen Burke: Give it up Jeb.
Owen Burke: You're a
light weight.
Owen Burke: Better change that
exclamation point to a period,
Owen Burke: because your campaign
is a bloody mess.
Owen Burke: Sad.
Matt Kirsch: No! Your campaign's
a mess,
Matt Kirsch: you big, fluffy,
terd man.
Matt Kirsch: Yeah.
Matt Kirsch: Big fluffy terd man.
I like that.
Owen Burke: But this big fluffy terd
man will be the next
Owen Burke: President of
the United States.
Lauren Palmigiano: Not if this big fluffy
terd woman has anything
Lauren Palmigiano: to say about it.
Pat O'Brien: For what it's worth,
I only massaged one
Pat O'Brien: Koch brother's taint.
[music playing]