There's no crying in archery.
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Additional Credits:
Starring Geena Davis
Writer/Director: Danny Jelinek
Writer/Director: Nick Wiger
Editor: Chris Poole
Produced by Betsy Koch, Bette Bentley
DP: Blake McClure
AC/DIT: Matt LaRoche
2nd AC: Charlie Panian
Key Grip: Raul Rivera
BB Grip: Ricky Foshem
Grip: Ravi Gahunia & Andrew Crighton
Art: Tricia Robertson
Sound: Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound
Wardrobe: Melissa McNeely
HMU: Bruce Grayson, Roberto Hallowell
Additional cameos: Jack Allison, Don Rabska
Sound Mixer: Mike Robertson
Music: Djemba Djemba
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Published: August 27, 2013

Geena Davis: I'm Geena Davis,
Geena Davis: and this is how I arch.
[music plays]
Geena Davis: (Voiceover) I was in
A League of Their Own.
Geena Davis: As an archer, I'm
in a class of my own.
Geena Davis: (Voiceover) This is Don.
He's the Thelma to my Louise.
Geena Davis: Oh wait, was
I Thelma?
Geena Davis: I can't remember.
Geena Davis: Ladies,
Geena Davis: you're welcome
for the inspiration.
Geena Davis: Watch this
watermelon explode.
Geena Davis: I call this,
The Gallagher.
[camera shutter heard]
Geena Davis: You get your
shot paparazzo?
Geena Davis: 'Cuz now I get mine.
[screaming heard]
Geena Davis: Beetlejuice.
Geena Davis: Beetlejuice.
Geena Davis: Beetlejuice.
Geena Davis: Nailed that apple.
Geena Davis: That was a tough summer
for me and Modine.
Geena Davis: (Voiceover) Support
gender equality, and
Geena Davis: film, television,
Geena Davis: and archery.
Geena Davis: And now I bid you,
Geena Davis: a long
Geena Davis: kiss,
Geena Davis: goodnight.